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Things to do in Tbilisi Georgia - LifeBeyondBorders

Things to do in Tbilisi, Georgia (and surrounds) in 48 hours

If you've only a short time in the Georgian capital of Tbilisi, here I give you some tips of what you can do with 48 hours - both in the capital and surrounds.
Cat Cafe - London - Lady Dinah's - LifeBeyondBorders

Cat cafe London – Lady Dinah’s Cat Cafe Shoreditch

People who know me and, indeed, those who don't but are familiar with my social media know I am a huge cat fan - HUGE!   In fact, I have an Instagram Account dedicated to...
London's East Street Market

East Street Market – South London

Avoid the more touristy markets of Covent Garden when you visit London. Find your local one to explore. Here I look at the eclectic London's East Street Market.
View from the Shard - London England

View from The Shard – London, UK

The Shard in London is a 95 storey skyscraper on the south bank of the River Thames in the area of Southwark, right by London Bridge station.  Here you can also find the popular...
Come and experience the London Eye

Experiencing the London Eye

London - as you know - offers the tourist many sightseeing opportunities, and when I can, I love going back to the capital city in my country of birth and experiencing some of these sights...
Pike Place Market and Gum wall - Seattle - USA

Pike Place Market and The Gum Wall – Seattle

Apart from the Space Needle, Seattle's other prominent destination (and landmark) is the Public Market Center - or Pike Place Market. I'd seen it many times in various T.V shows (Grey's Anatomy for example). Originally...

Road Trip across the United States – Green Tortoise

You've decided you want to road trip across the United States, but don't particularly want to drive.  Whilst you know Amtrak do some good deals, you want something a little more inclusive, but also...
The Churchill Polar Bears - Manitoba, Canada

Churchill Polar Bears

Back in 2008, on a whim I decided to hop on a plane and go to Winnipeg.  Yes—you did read that …on a whim I went to Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.  “Why? What's in Manitoba? Yes, Winnipeg...
Best Places to Eat in The Hague, Netherlands

Best Places to Eat in The Hague – Netherlands

We've seen that there are things to do in The Hague, Netherlands beyond politics and we've also seen what it's like visiting the Peace Palace in The Hague.  I decided to compile a post...
Peneda Gerês National Park - Header. A perfect day trip from Porto Portugal

Peneda Gerês National Park – Portugal. A perfect day trip from Porto

**My trip was arranged for me by Oporto Tours, specialists in this region, in order for me to research for Rough Guides.  Despite any complimentary services received, all thoughts and opinions remain my own** Originally...

Visiting the Peace Palace – The Hague, Netherlands

I've already shown you that there is more to The Hague, Netherlands than just politics in my Things to do in The Hague article. Let's not forget, though, that politics is, indeed, what The...
The Hague - off the beaten path in The Netherlands

Things to do in The Hague, Netherlands – beyond politics

The Dutch, it turns out, are very good at keeping secrets.  The Hague is one of them. Most of you may have have heard of The Hague; that city in the Netherlands famous for...
Unseen Tours - a unique London walking tour

Unique London Walking Tours – with a social conscience

I've lived in London in the past, but when you live in or are from a place, you don't really see it.  That's why now, whenever I return to the capital, I see it...
Things to do in #Porto #Portugal

Things to do in Porto – Portugal

After being lucky enough to spend approximately 5 weeks in the Porto and Douro region of northern Portugal on behalf of my research for Rough Guides, despite the sometimes very rainy and windy March/April...
A rental apartment in London is a great affordable way to spend your time in Britain's capital city, especially if you're with a family.

Luxury Vacation Rental in London

I'd already stayed in a luxury vacation rental in London before with FG Properties.   They offer a range of apartments to suit all requirements.  Whether you're visiting London (or Paris) for vacation, or even...
Little Venice - a stay on a Boutique Barge - An alternative side to London

Little Venice – Discover an alternative side of London with Boutique Barges

**Post updated JUN18** **This post contains affiliate links. For more info, see here.** My hometown in the west country of the UK has barges along the canal - the Grand Western Canal.  It's incredibly picturesque and...
Malta - A Gem of an island in the Mediterranean - LifeBeyondBorders

Malta – Gem of the Mediterranean

I have pondered various times about what it is about Greece that I love and what keeps me here. Then I realised that I have always held a fondness in my heart for the...
Exploring the Douro region of Portugal - day trip from Porto

Douro Region of Portugal

**Updated JUN18** **My trip was arranged for me by Cooltours Oporto, specialists in this region, in order for me to research for Rough Guides.  Despite any complimentary services received, all thoughts and opinions remain my own** As...
A High Tea fit for Royalty at the Berkeley Hotel - Knightsbridge - London - LifeBeyondBorders

High Tea in London fit for Royalty – The Berkeley Hotel

Being from the UK, I've never thought of a High Tea London experience before.  I get used to drinking cups of tea at home, and whilst I don't quite eat cucumber sandwiches with the...
Planning the Perfect Mini-Break to Penang Malaysia - LifeBeyondBorders

Planning the perfect mini-break to Penang, Malaysia

With a flight time of around an hour and a half, Penang could be the answer to your quest for an affordable mini-break. If you book two to three weeks in advance you can...
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