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Hosios Loukas Monastery - Central Greece

Undiscovered Greece – Hosios Loukas Monastery and Archaeological Site

Greece is such a diverse country offering - besides climate; culture, tradition and a real feel of getting away from it and stepping back in time. Come and read more and be tempted to discover more that this diverse country has to offer.
Three Greek islands in one day from Athens

Three Greek Islands, Athens One Day Cruise

One sunny Saturday in November 2015, I was afforded the opportunity to experience three Saronic Greek islands in one day; Hydra, Poros and Aegina, hosted by Olympic Cruises (now Evermore Cruises) on an Athens one day...
Korikion Cave - a good trek to Delphi. Delphi Image © Panegyrics of Granovetter

Korikion Cave – Delphi – Central Greece

My trip to the Central Greece region included a wine tasting experience, a visit to a UNESCO Monastery and Archaeological site and a Visit to Mount Parnassos in off season travel in Greece.  When...
Visit Mount Parnassos - Greece. Have you ever been? Image © Kostam Limitsios

Visit Mount Parnassos – Off Season Travel in Greece

We all know that there is more to Greece than islands, sunshine and sand.  I didn't realise quite how much more, until I was invited on a specialised trip by luxury Greece Travel Specialist...
Wine Tasting and Nature - Central Greece. Photo © Unsplash

Wine Tasting and alternative activities in Greece

We continue with a look at 'Greece Out of Season' through wine tasting in Central Greece, and experience local culture through weaving - although in reality, Greece is never out of season...it's a 365 day destination with many different activities.
Come on a street art tour of Athens, Greece

Street art in Athens by Alternative Tours of Athens

Love street art when you visit a city? If you're anything like me, you actively seek it out. So imagine my joy when I found a Street Art Tour of Athens...

Athens One Day Cruise

Friday 17th April 2015 loomed bright and early for me.  Those that know me will know I'm not an early bird - at all. However, today was special:  a dear acquaintance and fellow author...

Scooterise in Athens

What is Scooterise? According to their website, Scooterise is: Fast, safe, and fun. The Trikke provides a unique, personalized way to get around Athens, and lets you set the pace and location of your tour. I'd already...

Discover Greek Culture – An evening in a Greek Mansion

Founded in 2013, Discover Greek Culture offers tourists to Greece... hands-on Cultural Tourism Experiences . DGC promotes Greek culture by showcasing the history, archaeology, art and gastronomy that set Greece apart from the rest. DGC’s unique tours weave together...

Meeting the Athens Insiders

Who are the Athens Insiders?  Their site describes them as Α dynamic travel company composed of a team of individuals with diverse life stories, interests, and passions, united by their love for travel. They are keen...

Athens Segway Tour

I'd seen them dotting around the place - you know, those two wheeler 'thingies’ with people wizzing around the place, knocking over unsuspecting pedestrians (OK, not quite, but you know what I mean). But what,...

Street Art – An Alternative Tour of Athens

Today, the Alternative Tours of Athens 'took over' Aischylou Street, a rather degraded street in the heart of Psiri, and added their own colourful touch. Who are the Alternative Tours? Their Facebook page describes them...