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Guide to Symi header - Where to stay, Eat and Tips

A guide to Symi island, Greece

A guide to Symi island, Greece - where is it? Symi is about an hour and a half away by catamaran from Rhodes.  There's no airport there as it's a small island, so you'd fly to...
Old Town of Rhodes Greece - LifeBeyondBorders

Rhodes Old Town Greece

Much has been written about my love of Rhodes, it's been well documented on this blog. It’s one of my favourite Greek islands, not least due to the famous Old Town. Complete with cobbled...
In Camera Art Boutique Hotel - Rhodes Island - Greece - LifeBeyondBorders

In Camera Art Boutique Hotel – Luxury on Rhodes island, Greece

Most of you will have heard of Rhodes Island, Greece. I travel regularly to the chain of islands that Rhodes belongs to (the Dodecanese) because I have the chance to research and update the...
Things to do and tips on visiting Kastellorizo Greece - LifeBeyondBorders

Kastellorizo Greece

Kastellorizo - Greece: Where is it? Kastellorizo is one of those incredibly remote Greek islands that people tend to visit for a completely real Greek island experience.  Its distance from other islands and the mainland,...
Luxury on Kos island, Greece: Grecotel Imperial Thalasso

Grecotel Kos Imperial Thalasso

Having travelled a fair bit around the Greek islands (and further afield), when having the opportunity to stay in luxury, I'd primarily stayed in small boutique hotels such as Kokkini Porta Rossa in Rhodes...
Leros - Why Visit This Greek Island - LifeBeyondBorders

Things to do on Leros island – Greece

As part of my research for the Rough Guides to the Greek Islands, both in 2014 and 2017, one of the islands I visited in the Dodecanese chain was Leros.  It's a smaller Greek...
Halki island - Greece - LifeBeyondBorders

Things to do on Halki island Greece – Tips on Visiting

Halki is roughly an hour away by catamaran from Rhodes and is tiny, literally, at only 10 sq miles. It's perfect as a day trip from Rhodes, or stay overnight (see Accommodation below). I'd travelled by...

Things to do on Kos island, Greece

Located in the Dodecanese chain of islands—at its shortest point only 4km from the Turkish coast—after Rhodes, Kos is the second most popular holiday island.   Why? Because of its magnificent stretches of beaches and...

Discover Kalymnos island Greece – Dodecanese

Depending on which boat you catch from Rhodes, Kalymnos is between two and five hours away.  Apparently, Kalymnos island, Greece is one of the most wealthiest overall in Greece. I was lucky to be...
Things to do on Karpathos Island, Greece

Things to do on Karpathos island – Greece

Located in the south east Aegean sea, Karpathos is the second largest Dodecanese island in Greece, after Rhodes. It's mountainous, offers many traditional villages and, of course, beaches. Read more.
Things to do in #Rhodes, #Greece - #Mediterranean #Europe #GreekIslands

Things to do in Rhodes Greece

Here you'll find a summary of why Rhodes, although touristy and known for its beach resort style holidays, is one of my favourite islands and how diverse it is.
Luxury Hotels in Rhodes Greece - Life Beyond Borders

Luxury Hotels in Rhodes Old Town – Greece

It's no secret that Life Beyond Borders loves the Greek island of Rhodes, especially Rhodes Old Town.  Wandering the streets behind those old castle walls in the oldest inhabited Medieval Town in Europe is...
Where to stay on Karpathos island, Greece

Where to stay on Karpathos island, Greece

I recently wrote a post about things to do on the beautiful Greek island of Karpathos, in the Dodecanese chain of islands.  But obviously if you're going to travel so far to such a...
Things to do on Greek Island of Astypalia - LifeBeyondBorders

Things to do on the lesser known Greek island of Astypalea

As part of my research for the guidebook company Rough Guides, I am lucky to be able to discover places off the beaten track.  One of those is in the Dodecanese chain of the...
Where to Stay on the Greek island of Symi - LifeBeyondBorders

Symi Thea Hotel – Symi Island – Greece

Way back in 2014 when I first started researching for Rough Guides, I had the opportunity to visit Symi, a small island with a lot of Venetian and Neoclassical architecture, in the Dodecanese chain...
Where to Stay on Rhodes island Greece Lindian Village Resort - LifeBeyondBorders

Lindian Village Resort – Rhodes island – Greece

Followers of my site will know that I am a big fan of the Dodecanese islands in Greece, especially Rhodes. Most of my posts written about Rhodes have tended to concentrated on the Rhodes...
Explore Kos Castle on this Greek Island - LifeBeyondBorders

Knight’s Castle on Kos island, Greece

There are some great things to see and do on Kos island, Greece.  I usually visit the Greek island of Kos when I am researching it to update it for the Rough Guides to...
Where to stay in Halki Greek island - LifeBeyondBorders

Staying at Halkis Muses – Luxury on Halki Island, Greece

As a travel expert on Greece and guidebook updater for Rough Guide to the Greek Islands I feel fortunate to be able to visit out of the way Greek islands, less frequented and untouched...

Luxury in Rhodes – Kokkini Porta Rossa

For two Greek Easters, I've been invited to spend my time with Angela and Nikos - owners of boutique hotel Kokkini Porta Rossa - located in the Old Town of Rhodes. | Originally Written in APR15...

My Ryanair Experience

I recently visited Rhodes in the Dodecanese chain of islands in Greece.  The fantastic Aegean Airlines flies domestically on these routes, but Ryanair has recently opened a new hub in Athens serving Thessaloniki (in...