Lavender Farm on San Juan island - Pacific Northwest - LifeBeyondBorders

Pelindaba – The Lavender Farm you must see near Seattle, Pacific Northwest

Whilst on the San Juan islands near Seattle and being a huge fan of anything 'purple' I was  delighted to have the opportunity to visit the Pelindaba Lavender Farm. The San Juan Islands Visitors Bureau...
Glamping in the Pacific Northwest - Lakedale Resort - LifeBeyondBorders

Where to go Glamping in the Pacific Northwest – Lakedale Resort

There are numerous accommodation choices in the San Juan Islands, located just off the coast of Seattle. San Juan Island itself has Bed and Breakfasts, Spas, cottages, cabins and campsites.  San Juan Island Visitors...
Glamping on Orcas Island - LifeBeyondBorders

Glamping in the San Juan Islands – Glamping on Orcas Island with Leanto

Originally written in AUG15 - re-written and revised in JAN20 My next stop on the San Juan Islands chain was Orcas Island.  Shaped like an upside down horseshoe, at 57 square miles Orcas Island is...
Whale Watching San Juan Islands - LifeBeyondBorders

Whale Watching off the San Juan Islands

I couldn't stay on the San Juan Islands and not go whale watching.   This area of the U.S is abundant in wildlife, especially in the summer.  And the summer also brings along the infamous...
Things to do in San Juan Islands - LifeBeyondBorders

Top Things to do in the San Juan Islands – USA

If you're visiting Seattle and are in need of some nature (not that Seattle doesn't have wonderful surrounds), take a trip using Kenmore Air out to the San Juan Islands - the archipelago of...
Pike Place Market and Gum wall - Seattle - USA

Pike Place Market and The Gum Wall – Seattle

Apart from the Space Needle, and a day trip to Mount Rainier - Seattle's other prominent destination (and landmark) is the Public Market Center - or Pike Place Market. I'd seen it many times...

Road Trip across the United States – Green Tortoise

You've decided you want to road trip across the United States, but don't particularly want to drive.  Whilst you know Amtrak do some good deals, you want something a little more inclusive, but also...

Tips for Visiting the Space Needle – Seattle

By far Seattle's most famous and recognisable building, at 605 ft The Space Needle is the 6th tallest building in Seattle and is an iconic landmark. Built for the 1962 World's Fair that was...
Icelandair Review - flying budget from Europe to the USA.

Icelandair Review – flying budget from Europe to the USA

When I visited Seattle I decided to fly with Icelandair as their flight had a very convenient stop over package in Iceland.  Let's have a look at my Icelandair review and see if they're...
Mount Rainier NP - your day trip from Seattle, United States - LifeBeyondBorders

Seattle – Mount Rainier National Park, United States. A great day trip

You may have seen Mount Rainier - the mountain that keeps a sleepy watch over Seattle. It usually pops up in any outside shots of Seattle pictures, or in TV series (yes, I am...

West Seattle is where it’s at

During my recent trip to the States, I spend my time in Seattle and the San Juan Islands.  Initially I stayed at a friend's house int he district of West Seattle and sat her...

An English girl in America

I was so fortunate in the summer of 2015 to be able to spend most of it in the Pacific Northwest of the U.S, Seattle and the San Juan Islands to be exact.  Do...

Underground Tour of Seattle

Beneath the streets of Seattle lies an underground world - literally.  I was lucky enough to experience these subterranean streets during my trip to the Emerald City in an Underground Tour of Seattle Bill Speidel...

Kenmore Air – THE airline for the San Juan Islands

Having seen a lot of touristy places in Seattle such as the Gum Wall and Pike Place Market, the Space Needle and Mount Rainier, I decided it was time to take myself offshore -...

Summer Festivals in Seattle

I'm lucky to be spending time in Seattle not only at the best time of the year for weather (summer), but also because this is the season when Seattleites celebrate by partaking in street...

Air BNB & The Pie Bar, Ballard, Seattle

I'm trying out different neighbourhoods during my stay in Seattle.  I recently spent three nights in an AirBNB place in the district of Ballard, Seattle. My AirBnB joint was perfect; really centrally located and comfortable. Located...

New York, New York – A Wonderful Town

The Bronx is up And the Battery's down Ever since I watched On the Town as a kid - musical with Gene Kelley and Frank Sinatra - I had been dying to go to NYC.  I...