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One day in Venice - Italy. Read what you can do in 24 hours in this city - LifeBeyondBorders

Things to do in one day in Venice, Italy

Back in 2011 I had arrived refreshed (sort of) and alert in Venice after a delightful adventure on board the Paris – Venice train.  I was travelling solo from London to Athens via Venice,...
Minoan Lines

Venice – Patras. Italy to Greece by ship

So there I was, happily mooching around Venice: eating pasta, taking photos of gondolas (not riding in one for 80 Euros a pop, you understand) and thinking romantic thoughts on the bridges. But I...

From Paris to Venice by train – Eurorail

My first installment of this Eurorail trip got me as far as Paris Bercy.  I've told you about the excruciating smell of Parisians on the Metro and waiting for the train in a small,...

London to Paris by Eurostar

Back in 2011, I decided to travel back to Athens from the UK overland.  This entailed train, ferry and coach. I started my journey from London St Pancras and travelled to Paris Gard du Nord...

Booking the journey – London to Athens by rail

And why?  Why travel London to Athens overland?  Isn't it a hassle/expensive? Why Haven't you ever thought to yourself that there has to be more to a 'holiday' than merely arriving at your destination?  For me,...