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Little KooK Themed Cafe - Athens, Greece

Little KooK – most Instagrammable Themed Cafe in Athens – Greece

Greece is renowned for its mythology; the Gods, her ancient history and philosophers.  But fairytales?  Not so much. Hidden in the depths of Monastiraki - the famous tourist area of Athens - lies a...
Where to eat in Bristol - UK

Where to eat in Bristol – UK: WokyKo at CARGO, Wapping Wharf

When exploring destinations - and cities - to write about or, indeed, if you're on holiday or a short break, naturally you've got to eat.  So on my second night in Bristol, where did...

Olive Garden – Athens

The Olive Garden is located in the Titania Hotel,  a rather ordinary hotel in a not particularly excellent area of Athens, if I'm honest. However! Don't let its immediate location put you off.  Even though...

Air BNB & The Pie Bar, Ballard, Seattle

I'm trying out different neighbourhoods during my stay in Seattle.  I recently spent three nights in an AirBNB place in the district of Ballard, Seattle. My AirBnB joint was perfect; really centrally located and comfortable. Located...

nice ‘n’ easy restaurant – Athens

Yes, that is actually the name of the restaurant!  I was invited out to dinner the other night with a good friend and her husband. It's a bio and organic restaurant - you'll love it! she...

Random restaurant find in Athens

What an interesting find in my neighbourhood today!  You see?  Sometimes stumbling down the wrong street is no - in fact  - wrong. I came across To Spitiko Fagito (The House of Food) , and...

Fine dining in Athens

I don't know why I haven't written about this place sooner.  In the Spring of 2010, an old work colleague took me to a local taverna/restaurant in my neighbourhood.  Located about 10 minutes walk...