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Eco-Friendly products. Fun work ideas to help me be more sustainable in my travel writing. LifeBeyondBorders

Fun work ideas to go green – sustainable travel writing with Sprout pencils

As a travel writer and author, I am increasingly aware of how important it is to practice sustainability and try to be an eco friendly traveller, however small.  To this end, imagine my pleasure when...
Amphora Aromatics Travel Sized Products - LifeBeyondBorders

Travel sized toiletries – Amphora Aromatics

For someone who travels a lot, travel sized toiletries are a necessity but I find it’s vital for me to not necessarily rely on my destination accommodation having small bottles of shampoo, soaps, etc....
Reviewing the Hynes Eagle 40L Backpack

Hynes Eagle 40L Review – The Best Carry-On Backpack to Avoid Paying Airline Baggage...

As a regular traveller and very frequent flyer, I really was on the lookout for a cabin bag I could comfortably take all my clothes in and my laptop yet be small enough to 'squash' (without creasing) into the overhead compartment, without being frowned at by a member of cabin crew
Butterfly Twist Best Traveller Wellie Boots - Travel Fashion - LifeBeyondBorders

All purpose wellies by Butterfly Twist

I've written about Butterfly Twist shoes before.  Last time I was given a pair of Madison Twist boot-like trainers to trial out by this English company.  They're still going strong and are very comfortable....
CP Slippers - Must Have Handcrafted from Spain - LifeBeyondBorders

Review of CP slippers – Lovingly hand-crafted in Spain

CP Slippers reached out to me recently, after seeing I review travel products.  I wasn't really sure what to expect when I received the lovely email from their Founder and Director, Oscar Arenas, so...

Butterfly Twists – great traveller shoes

I've been very lucky over the past few months and been given various travel products to trial out as I travel. Check out some anti-theft travel items Check out my recommended best carry on...
Lush Products - Great and ecologically friendly travel gifts - LifeBeyondBorders

LUSH travel products and cosmetics

As a regular traveller, any travel products that come in handy sizes is of real use to me, so imagine my delight at receiving some of the best Lush handy travel wash products to...
LifeBeyondBorders takes a look at the ever popular Mahabis Slippers to see what all the fuss is about

A review of Mahabis slippers

Scrolling through my Instagram feed recently, I kept coming across advertisements for Mahabis slippers. I was intrigued by this concept; a slipper with a range of different coloured detachable rubber soles that can be quickly and easily attached for when you want to pop out.
Recommended Theft Proof Items for Travel

Recommended anti-theft travel items

When going on your travels, you have many things to consider.  Depending on the location, time of year, type of holiday and even hemisphere will affect whether you pack warm or cool clothing. And...

Victoria Green Travel Wash-bag – a Review

** Thank you to Victoria Green for providing the three way hanging wash-bag in Lorton Print in Smoke design for review. Despite any complimentary services received, all thoughts and opinions remain my own.** As part of the...

Scrubba Wash Bag ©

**This item was provided to Life Beyond Borders for a fair and honest review.** As a traveller, it means I'm on the road a fair amount, whether for a long(ish) or short time.  However long...

Diane Kroe Travel Fashion

As a regular traveller, both long and short haul, I’m always on the lookout for well made, comfortable and versatile clothing. When Diane’s collection came to my attention by fellow traveller and author Savannah...

Personalised Luggage – a review

**Disclosure: I received a discount for this product in return for an honest review.** My regular followers will know that back in 2015 I re-branded my site from Leaving Cairo to Life Beyond Borders Blog. ...