A review of Mahabis slippers

LifeBeyondBorders takes a look at the ever popular Mahabis Slippers to see what all the fuss is about
LifeBeyondBorders takes a look at the ever popular Mahabis Slippers to see what all the fuss is about

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** Thank you to Mahabis for providing the Classic slippers for review. Despite any complimentary services received, all thoughts and opinions remain my own.**

Scrolling through my Instagram feed I kept coming across advertisements for Mahabis slippers. I was intrigued by this concept; a slipper with a range of different coloured detachable rubber soles that can be quickly and easily attached for when you want to pop out. They’d be perfect as a pair of travel slippers; when you’re inside your hotel room and want to pop down to Reception, for example, and don’t want to fuss around finding a pair of shoes.

Mahabis slipper style

I received my slippers in beautiful packaging and excitedly tried them on.

Mahabis slippers nicely packaged up. Life Beyond Borders
Mahabis slippers nicely packaged up

The inside is pure wool and they fit snuggly over the foot. As a slipper, the bottom sole is quite sturdy too, making walking around inside a comfort.   Now for trying on the detachable sole.

Mahabis slippers detachable sole

The rubber soles of the Mahabis slipper design come in a variety of colours;

  • Ilen ivory
  • Larvik Grey
  • Skien Black
  • Skane Yellow
  • Gold Edition
  • Gotland Green
  • Borgen Blue
  • Bjukan Red

I chose Gotland Green as I felt this was pretty all encompassing for both summer and winter. Note, however, that all colours are quite pale so, for example – the Gotland Green is more of a turquoise colour, the Red more of a coral.

It’s pretty easy to add onto the slipper:

  • Push your slipper clad foot into the sole (rather like Cinderella)
  • Clip the back of the sole to the slipper with the attached popper
Attaching Mahabis sole to the slipper. Life Beyond Borders
Attaching the Mahabis sole to the slipper

 Mahabis slippers in use

So there you have it! I recently used my slippers when I visited the Greek island of Sifnos. It was excellent as I mooched around my friend’s house and when needing to pop out into the yard, just pop on the sole.

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A brief evening stroll on Sifnos Greek island in my @mahabis outdoor slippers. They’re great when you want to pop out

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I also had the opportunity to use them when I was invited on board Celestyal Cruises as part of my promotion of my debut novel Girl Gone Greek. They particularly came in handy on board as breakfast was quite early in the morning, so getting dressed for breakfast (and having to be relatively smart) meant I could wear something comfortable on my feet, without it being obvious they were slippers.

Using my Mahabis slippers on board Celestyal Cruises. Life Beyond Borders
Using my Mahabis slippers on board Celestyal Cruises

Mahabis slippers: conclusion and facts

My experience of Mahabis slippers has been a good one so far. They’re comfortable, seemingly durable and practical. They have a great range of coloured soles to choose from, and it’s also possible to buy and extra pair of soles (or as many as you want really), so why not mix and match?

The Mahabis Classic slipper retails at £69, €82 and US$90 and their special Summer Collection retails at the same price. The only difference in the Summer collection is that they’re made from different material to allow your feet to breathe. I’ve only had my Mahabis for over a year now and I have to say, they’re still in great condition and I haven’t had to order any new soles (only because I’ve wanted to have different colours, not because I’ve needed them).   They offer male and female sizes.

They fit snugly, so be prepared to push your feet in a little. If you want to wear socks with your Mahabis Classic slippers (not really necessary as the pure wool interior keeps your feet toasty warm), then I’d suggest getting the next size up for you.

Treat yourself or a loved one for their birthday or celebration.

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What's the fuss about Mahabis Slippers? LifeBeyondBorders trials them out
What’s the fuss about Mahabis Slippers? LifeBeyondBorders trials them out


  1. Somehow I hadn’t seen the ads for these so I’m glad you did! When I pack I try to take things that can serve more than one purpose and these would definitely fit the bill for that. I’m going to keep them in mind – the price seems high but if the quality merits it well then…

  2. Hi Kay,

    Thanks for the comment. Yes, the price does seem high but as the saying goes; sometimes we can’t afford to buy cheaply! I’ll be interested how long they last me. All I know for the moment is that they’re super comfortable and fit like a glove. And it really is handy for when you want to pop outside.

  3. I had been seeing those ads because foot problems get me looking for various alternatives for my feet. Thanks for short-cutting my research re Mahabis. Besides the convenience of slipping in and out with those detachable soles, how walkable are they? Do they provide good support?

  4. Yes Donna – that was the attraction for me too: not having to bother finding shoes to pop outside for.

  5. I think they do Carol – but they do make it very clear that the soles are not designed for prolonged outside wear…it’s just,a s I say, if you need to literally ‘pop out.’ So bear that in mind.

  6. I’ve seen the ads for these slippers as well so I was glad to read your review. As others have commented, the price is high but they look great and I love the detachable sole and the pure wool interior which let your feet “breathe.” These look like they’d be awesome for traveling too as slippers are usually the first thing I leave behind if I have too much!

  7. Thanks Anita. Yes, I find them great. They have summer and winter slippers – the summer ones being more breathable. The winter ones have woolly interior.
    As I said, I haven’t had them for long, so can’t comment on their wear and tear yet – but look forward to seeing how long they last. And who knows? Maybe I’ll send off for some more coloured soles and mix and match!

  8. They actually sound interesting. The design is very unique and it’s good to hear they’re so comfortable. I woudl love to try a pair one day.

  9. Yep – I use them for pretty much everything: travel, home, popping out to my local kiosk for some chocolate, popping down to hotel reception!

  10. They really are – I’d highly recommend them. Mine are still going strong and it’s useful to remove the soles from when you’ve been outside

  11. Purchased a pair of these overpriced slippers just over a year ago – only worn indoors and already one of the toes is worn right thru and the sole is coming away toe end. The other one is fine so obviously a fault at manufacture – however mahabis are refusing to replace & have offered 10% off a new pair by way of compensation. I have footwear years old at a fraction of this cost that are still going strong. So buyer beware. I’d advise buying ones that are comparable elsewhere at a fraction of this price.

  12. That’s a shame about your experience of CP Slippers, Nick. I guess not everyone will have the same experience.

  13. Omg these look soooo comfortable. I do not think they would replace my crocs for travelling but overall its a better choice to wear at home. Thank you for sharing.