Read interviews with travel book authors, film directors and various people in Greece

A week in the life of a Medivac Pilot - LifeBeyondBorders

A week in the life of a Medivac pilot

Due to my knowledge of Greece and the beauty of this country, recently I’ve had the fortune to be contacted on Twitter by a unique individual–a ‘Medivac’ pilot who goes by the handle of...
Evzone Soldiers of Greece - The Interview

Evzone Soldiers of Greece interview

Any tourist visiting Athens won’t have failed to experience them—you know, the soldiers that stand guard outside Parliament with dead straight faces; not flinching, not moving a muscle and occasional doing a funny walk....
Meet Katerina Nikolas - Author of Greek Meze series

Let Katerina Nikolas Inspire you to Visit Greece through her Greek Meze Book Series

Many of you know my other 'job' is as an author and my novel - Girl Gone Greek has been out for over three years now. I also love reading, especially novels about Greece. ...
Good summertime reading ideas - 'The Island' by Victoria Hislop.

‘The Island’ Author Victoria Hislop talks Writing and Greece

Artlinks, an artistic event in Athens hosted best-selling author Victoria Hislop, one of my favourite authors.  She held a discussion about “The Importance of Books” and has written bestsellers such as The Sunrise (published...
Guarding and exploring Delos - a Greek island day trip from Mykonos

Greek island of Delos – guarding the archeological site

The ancient UNESCO Greek island of Delos, located just 3.5 km from the party island of Mykonos and yet a world away in terms of things to see and do, is world famous - for...

Tiverton Literary Festival – Devon

Tiverton is a small market town based in mid-Devon, in the South West of the UK.  I've written about it before here as it's the place I grew up in as a teenager before...

Among The Olive Groves – Chrissie Parker

Chrissie Parker is the author of the fantastic historical fiction novel Among The Olive Groves, based on the Greek island of Zakynthos and in the South West of the UK.  I was so taken...

Launch of “Girl Gone Greek” in Athens

Followers of my site will know I also wear a different hat: that of an author of fiction.  In May 2015 I released my debut novel Girl Gone Greek on Amazon. I self-published it...

Do Travel Writers Go to Hell? The life of a travel writer

Thomas Kohnstamm, in my opinion, is one brave man. Some (including Thomas) might say he’s stupid, maybe even delusional. Because he traded his 9-5 lifestyle for a life of travel and no fixed abode?...

Artist Mathew Halpin talks politics & Greece through his amazing art

Who is Mathew Halpin? His short bio from his site  describes him as: “…an Australian visual artist and qualified theater set designer. His theater work had him designing in opera, short films, dance and plays. Mathew...

It’s All Greek – replica Greek artefacts for sale in central London

It’s All Greek is a specialist in fine replicas of ancient Greek art and jewellery and they work exclusively with small, family run businesses (like their own). Their product range comes from a team...

Portes Magazine – a piece of Greece

I heard about Portes Magazine through a friend of a friend, but wasn’t entirely sure about its background or what to expect. So when I was offered the chance to interview one of its...

A Girl’s Guide to Travelling Alone – an anthology

Women have the capacity to be incredibly brave, especially when travelling.  There have been many articles debating the issue, over recent years, whether women should travel solo, if it's safe to, etc. Indeed, my...

Author Interview – Samantha Verant – Seven Letters from Paris

Samantha Vérant is a brave girl. Unhappy with her seemingly perfect all American lifestyle—and, in all honesty, in debt up to her eyeballs—she happened upon seven letters written to her from a chance encounter...

Cally’s Way – a novel set in Crete

Cally’s an intriguing lass. A young woman of mixed heritage living in Canada, upon her mother’s death she feels that the answer to her mother’s distant behavior lies in discovering more about her parent’s...

“Return to the Aegean” & “Aegean Abduction” interview with E.J.Russell

I’ve been lucky to interview some great authors who hold Greece dear to their hearts and write fiction and non-fiction about this country; Sara Alexi of The Greek Village series, Ekaterina Botziou’s tongue in...

A journey on behalf of “The Journey”

Busy day for Bex today in Athens!  Yes, the release of (some) of the posters for The Journey CrowdFunding event to be hosted in Athens were released and off I trotted to distribute around...

Author Interview – “The Old Fortress Dog” children’s book

Ruth G. Zavitsanos has been featured in various publications, but I was interested in her children’s book series The Villa Dog—set in Tuscany,  The Kona Dog—which takes place on the Hawaiian island of Maui—and...

“Our Man in Orlando” – an interview with the elusive author

Hugh Hunter is our man in Orlando – the British consul there.  Or rather, he was.  Hugh’s not your average Foreign & Commonwealth employee serving his Majesty’s Government—no.  Hugh, it has been noted, is...

“The Journey” – a look at the director behind the scenes

We’re back with “The Journey” again—the film I spent twenty-four hours with on the Greek island of Aegina, back in the spring of 2013.  Lance Nielsen is the director and I interviewed him back...