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A journey on behalf of “The Journey”

Busy day for Bex today in Athens!  Yes, the release of (some) of the posters for The Journey CrowdFunding event to be hosted in Athens were released and off I trotted to distribute around...

“The Journey” – a look at the director behind the scenes

We’re back with “The Journey” again—the film I spent twenty-four hours with on the Greek island of Aegina, back in the spring of 2013.  Lance Nielsen is the director and I interviewed him back...

“The Judas Curse” – Symi island – interview with James Collins

Greece seems to be very popular at the moment regarding the location and theme for various films.You’ll already have seen my twenty-four hours spent on the island of Aegina with "The Journey" film crew. You’ll...

Marcus Markou, Writer & Director of “Papadopoulos & Sons”

In my tradition of hunting down authors with a passion for all things Greek and, more recently, spending 24hours on a Greek island with a film crew, I have been incredibly fortunate to interview...

Twenty-Four hours on a Greek island with film crew

As soon as I saw the tagline for “The Journey” (originally “Greece– The Movie”), I knew I wanted to meet the director and team of this project. One man’s journey to find answers, in a...

Interview with Lance Nielsen – director of “The Journey” – set in Greece

Lance Nielsen- Writer, Actor & Director has very kindly agreed to take time out of his incredibly busy schedule to talk to me about his latest screenplay The Journey. You wear a variety of hats...