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The (ex) Diplomat interview

As anyone who has watched the recent Alibi TV series “The Diplomat”, as I have, maybe you’re wondering; is that how daily life is like as a diplomat?For the uninitiated, The Diplomat–a British political...
Tips on how to travel to Kalamata, Greece

How to Travel to Kalamata

Kalamata is a seaside town in the Peloponnese region of mainland Greece, famous for the Kalamata Olive and a host of activities in the region.  Here you can discover things to do in Kalamata...
Things to do in Kalamata - LifeBeyondBorders

Things to do in Kalamata, Greece

The Peloponnese is a region in Greece that's really considered an island within the mainland.  A peninsular of 8,320 sq miles, it's surrounded by water on all sides and connected to the Greek mainland...
Best Neighborhoods in Athens - LifeBeyondBorders

Guide to Athens neighborhoods, Greece

Athens is an eclectic city with many things to do.  This great post about free things to do in Athens will help you plan your city break and have an affordable time. Equally, my Athens...
Athens in the Summer - LifeBeyondBorders

Athens in the summer

As the temperatures rise and travel seems to be back on again (as at the summer of 2022), I don't blame you for wanting to head immediately to the Greek islands and flop on...
Ultimate Guide - How To Visit Greece - LifeBeyondBorders

How To Visit Greece

There are plenty of articles out there with specific information about different places in Greece; islands, mainland and how to travel to them, weather at different times of year, etc.  My site included. I decided...
Insider's Guide to the Greek Islands by Life Beyond Borders

An Insider’s Guide to the Greek Islands

There's no doubt about it: Santorini and Mykonos top the list of 'Must See' Greek islands to visit - also the most widely known; Santorini because of its blue domed churches and whitewashed buildings...
What to pack for a Greek island holiday, in summer and autumn/fall

Greek island all round packing list

**For a free downloadable PDF version of this post, click here.** Many people head to the Greek islands in the height of summer, when temperatures can hit up to 33 C (91 F) or, in...
An Insider's Guide to Greek Easter

A local’s guide to Greek Easter on the Greek Islands

Greek Easter is the biggest celebration in the Greek Orthodox faith, bigger than Christmas.  It's a time for hope, when Christ is risen and is celebrated across the country, with some islands and regions...
Free Things to do in Athens - LifeBeyondBorders

Free Things To Do In Athens, Greece

You don’t have to spend a fortune in order to enjoy yourself in this Greek capital city. There are a number of activities you can do for free, including: Hiking Mount Hymettus Visiting Mount...
Discover the Best of Greece - LifeBeyondBorders

Discover the Best of Greece

We all know about Travel Bucket Lists, but what's your favourite country with regards to beauty and culture?  For me, it's obviously going to have to be Greece.  Come with me as I discover...
Best Hike in Athens - Hymettus Mountain - LifeBeyondBorders

Hiking in Greece – Mount Hymettus Athens

Hiking in Greece Aside from golden beaches and travelling to the islands, there is some great hiking in Greece, for example: Hosios Loukas Monastery and Archaeological Site in Central Greece Hiking in Pelion on the...
Guide to Symi header - Where to stay, Eat and Tips

A guide to Symi island, Greece

A guide to Symi island, Greece - where is it? Symi is about an hour and a half away by catamaran from Rhodes.  There's no airport there as it's a small island, so you'd fly to...
Things to Do in Athens Greece by Life Beyond Borders

Fun Things to do in Athens Greece

When you're gathered with your friends, discussing your next European trip and possible city break, and someone mentions 'Athens', what images does this throw up for things to do, especially fun things to do...
Apokries - Carnival time in Athens, Greece. Better than Venice and Rio! Come and celebrate carnival in Athens, Greece. "Metaxourgeio Carnival" (CC BY 2.0) by Meta Lands and Acropolis image by Anestiev

Greek Celebrations – Apokries – Carnival in Athens Greece

Greek celebrations Greece has many celebrations throughout the year, Greek Easter being one of the most popular. But before Greek Easter, a period of fasting (Lent) for seven weeks before occurs, ie: no meat and...
Hosios Loukas Monastery - Central Greece

Undiscovered Greece – Hosios Loukas Monastery and Archaeological Site

Greece is such a diverse country offering - besides climate; culture, tradition and a real feel of getting away from it and stepping back in time. Come and read more and be tempted to discover more that this diverse country has to offer.
Christmas Lights in Athens - Greece

Where to find Christmas lights in Athens – Greece

Greece isn't so big on Christmas - Easter is their big celebration. But Greece does do Christmas lights and every year, in some form or another, in Athens -  Syntagma Square is the best place to...
Old Town of Rhodes Greece - LifeBeyondBorders

Rhodes Old Town Greece

Much has been written about my love of Rhodes, it's been well documented on this blog. It’s one of my favourite Greek islands, not least due to the famous Old Town. Complete with cobbled...
Hiking in the Pelion region of mainland Greece. A great all year destination

Hiking in Pelion, Greece

Pelion is a mountainous area in the south east part of the Thessaly region of mainland Greece (Thessaly being in Central Greece). In mythology, Mount Pelion was home to the Centaurs - those mythical half man/half horse creatures.

Alkyonides days – the Greek myth. Why visit Greece in the winter

Everybody imagines Greece as being a sun and sand destination with Greek islands the only place to head to.  Indeed, I have shared an Insiders Guide to the Greek islands to help you choose....