Hynes Eagle 40L Review – The Best Carry-On Backpack to Avoid Paying Airline Baggage Fees

Reviewing the Hynes Eagle 40L Backpack
Reviewing the Hynes Eagle 40L Backpack

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Having penned a post about recommended anti-theft travel items and included in this information the Hynes Eagle 40L backpack review, having received the product to trial  – and having had plenty of opportunities to do so on both land and air, I am happy to write my Hynes Eagle 40L backpack review.

**I received this product for a fair and honest review, which I shall give**

**This post was written in DEC17 – it has been updated**

As a regular traveller and very frequent flyer, I really was on the lookout for a cabin bag I could comfortably take all my clothes in and my laptop yet be small enough to ‘squash’ (without creasing) into the overhead compartment, without being frowned at by a member of cabin crew, or a member of Groundstaff at the last minute taking it away from me.  Not too much to ask for?


Hynes Eagle 40L Laptop Backpack - great carry-on to avoid airline baggage fees
Hynes Eagle 40L Laptop Backpack – great carry-on to avoid airline baggage fees

When I saw the adverts for Hynes Eagle and checked out their range, I was immediately impressed by their website and range, and – I have to admit – by the colours of their bags.

Realising I couldn’t expect to place my clothes inside without getting somewhat squashed, I knew I’d also have to invest in some packing cubes – very worthwhile, let me tell you.

Hynes Eagle 40L Backpack Review – on land

I’m used to using wheelie bags at all times for my clothes, and then taking a separate laptop backpack for my electricals and laptop.  This was becoming cumbersome as it meant having two lots of luggage.

Imagine my delight when the Hynes Eagle 40L backpack also fits my 13” Macbook.

Hynes Eagle 40L Backpack fits my 13" Macbook air too - LifeBeyondBorders
Hynes Eagle 40L Backpack fits my 13″ Macbook air too

The best bit about the Hynes Eagle 40L Backpack: I could stick it either in the pouch in front of the bag – especially designed with electrical items and bits and bobs such as pens, etc in mind.

I could also roll up and store my chords, adaptor plugs and USB sticks in the special portable electronic accessories organiser (which slotted in nicely on top of the case)


I could slip the laptop in the back of the case, where the straps are usually tucked away. This added a layer of security for me, knowing my laptop was pressed really close to my back.

The backpack also has a small strap you can secure around your waist/bust area…which for me takes that pressure off the shoulders when walking around with it.

All in all, whether taking the coach, metro or ferry to a Greek island, it’s a great product to have.  Be sure to scroll through the Instagram images below of my Hynes Eagle 40L Backpack in action.

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Hynes Eagle 40L Backpack Review – in the air

As explained, the most important aspect for me when I travel is to be able to take cabin baggage.

With airlines such as EasyJet and Ryanair increasingly putting restrictions on hand baggage – and with a lot of U.S. carriers too, I really needed a backpack that I could fit my clothes comfortably into – either with packing cubes or not, fit my electrical items and have it comfortably slot into the overhead compartment.

Hynes Eagle 40L Backpack fits nicely in RyanAir overhead compartment - LifeBeyondBorders
Hynes Eagle 40L Backpack fits nicely in RyanAir overhead compartment

Well, as you can see, my Hynes Eagle 40L backpack does exactly that.  This was taken on my Ryanair flight from Athens to Rhodes where I packed lightly for five days for my Luxury Hotels in Rhodes Old Town stay in October 2017.

What was so nice about it was that I was able to fit a mixture of thin clothing for daytime, but it can get chilly and rainy in Greece during the autumn, so there was plenty of room to pack thicker clothes too.

Overall Opinion of the Hynes Eagle 40L Backpack

I’ve even used my Hynes Eagle 40L Backpack on an international trip, but only a short trip, not a four week stay.

I’d say I’m happy to use it whenever I go for weekend and week long trips, even using it as a laptop bag when I go out co-working with friends, or a small hike and packing food and water.

I would highly recommend Hynes Eagle as a brand. Their delivery from their HQ in the U.S. was fast, well packaged and I love their range of carry on bags, duffle bags, travel accessory bags and laptop bags in a choice of sizes and colours.  I hope you enjoy your Hynes Eagle product(s) as much as I am.

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Hynes Eagle - The Best Carry-On Backpack to Avoid Paying Airline Baggage Fees
Hynes Eagle – The Best Carry-On Backpack to Avoid Paying Airline Baggage Fees


  1. Hi Rebecca,

    Really good stuff. The bag fits so neatly in the overhead. This is huge if you want to not only avoid baggage fees but those long lines which tend to build at the conveyor belts, and delays too. After traveling for 40 plus hours between layovers and delays while flying from Bangkok to NYC last May, we wound up waiting for 45 minutes at the baggage line in JFK, as there was a screw up with the belt. We missed the last train to NJ and had to take the bus at 3:45 AM, which was a wee bit frustrating after a 40 plus hour trip LOL.


    • That’s very true Ryan…and yes, I am sure all you wanted to do after a long plane ride was just exit the aircraft and not have to hang around!

  2. Hi Rebecca,

    I read your article and it was very helpful! I’m flying in 2 weeks with Ryanair and Easyjet. I know that in January 2018 they made their carry on luggage even smaller than previous. Have you traveled recently? I’m teyinf to figure out if this backpack will work for those budget airlines. Thank you!!

    • Thanks for your comment. I’ve been using my Hynes Eagle backpack on Ryanair and Easyjet since January 2018 without a problem, but I tend to pay a bit extra to get extra legroom, and this comes with the benefit of extra luggage allowance I think, so maybe you’d want to check what happens if you choose not to take that option. I’d hate to give you advice that wasn’t correct!
      Happy travelling.


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