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I’ve been very lucky over the past few months and been given various travel products to trial out as I travel.

I’ll be honest, when Butterfly Twists sent me their Madison boot in Pewter to trial out, I wasn’t sure what to expect.

Butterfly Twist Madison in Pewter
Butterfly Twists Madison in Pewter

Who are Butterfly Twists and their great traveller shoes?


Their conception is quite interesting.  According to their website:

In 2007, two brothers and their two oldest school friends made a bet that saw the unluckiest of them attending a party in a pair of six inch statement stilettos. What started as a joke, however, gave the boys the idea that would change their lives; a new found solidarity with the women enduring evenings out in towering heels started a conversation about footwear that might deliver a little glamour, without ruining a good night out.


And so, armed with the first hand knowledge that shoes should be comfortable, and comfort shouldn’t have to mean forgoing fashion, in two years the boys got together a design team to “combine a consideration for style and luxury with comfort and versatility”.

Butterfly Twists shoes

The company offer a variety of women’s shoes: Ballet pumps, Hi Tops (which is the branding my Madison in Pewter fall under), Wellies and Slip One.

I recently went on a trip to Slovenia and wore my Madison trainers pretty much daily.  The great thing about them is that I found them:

  • easy to pull on
  • light, so therefore not taking up too much space in my case
  • even though light, supported my foot well
  • moulded into my foot
  • even though a practical shoe, they did, indeed, maintain a degree of style

These last two are probably because Butterfly Twists went to great lengths to ensure their soles are flexible and featherweight, so it really does feel as if you’re not wearing shoes at all – which is perfect for travelling!  But oh look, when you look down, even after a long day trekking around a city centre seeing the sites, even though you may not feel it inside, I at least still looked a little glamorous on the outside.

Looking pretty good in my Butterfly Twists Madison shoes in Pewter - LifeBeyondBorders
Looking pretty good in my Butterfly Twists Madison shoes in Pewter

I think the boots would be perfect to wear at concerts / festivals, especially in the UK where it rains so much!  I intend to buy a pair of boots myself for those long walks in the wet British countryside.

Eton Wellie in Navy and Coral - my favourite Butterfly Twist Wellie - Life Beyond Borders
Butterfly Twists’ Eton Wellie in Navy and Coral – my favourite wellie! Source.

Final words about Butterfly Twists  – best traveller shoes

Thank you for providing me with a free pair of Madison Pewter trainers to trial out.  I have only had them one month, so cannot comment on the longevity of them.
I feel able to wear them with long black trousers, so they’d look smart enough to a semi-formal meeting, yet also for long sightseeing trips too.

I highly recommend to go to their website, check out their prices and try for yourself.  Butterfly Twists are, after all – great traveller shoes.

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  1. These look like pretty nice shoes! I should recommend them to my friend who refuses to pack dress shoes when going to a conference. So all she wears is running shoes, which don’t really go well at a banquet. I could see here wearing a pair of those pewter Butterfly Twists!

  2. Lightweight shoes are so important with all the airline baggage restrictions! I’ve also gotten used to wearing lighter shoes and my feet seem to tire more when I wear heavy ones.

  3. I can always use shoe advice! Butterfly Twists are stylish and do look comfortable. I’ll be checking out their website!!

  4. As i’m struggling with two huge blister on my heels, I was very interested to hear about Butterfly Twists and will look into them for sure as soon as I get home!

  5. I’m always looking for lightweight shoes to travel, especially boots that take up little room or weight in my luggage. Thanks for bringing these to my attention!