Symi Thea Hotel – Symi Island – Greece

Where to Stay on the Greek island of Symi - LifeBeyondBorders
Where to Stay on the Greek island of Symi - LifeBeyondBorders

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Way back in 2014 when I first started researching for Rough Guides, I had the opportunity to visit Symi, a small island with a lot of Venetian and Neoclassical architecture, in the Dodecanese chain of Greek islands.  Since then I’ve had the opportunity to return and see what’s changed and take a look at the hotels.

Symi island – Greece: where is it?

As you can see from the above map, Symi is very near the Turkish coast.  This makes it popular with visiting yachts during high season, especially at the weekend.  It’s also very near to the large Dodecanese island of Rhodes, making it a popular day trip destination. However to really make the most of Symi, I suggest staying for at least two night to see the island properly.

The stunning Greek island of Symi
The stunning Greek island of Symi

Symi Island Greece

The island of Symi is really divided into two: the Harbour that you’ll arrive into by ferry or catamaran (no airport on this tiny island) with its amazing views and architecture, then the Hora at the tip of the island that once again offers stunning views down to the sea and harbour area.

Beautiful view of Symi island Harbour - Greece. Life Beyond Borders
Beautiful view of Symi Harbour – Greece

Personally I love staying in the Hora and walking down to the Harbour…it’s a long walk back up the ‘Kali Strata’ – a set of steps (disputed in exact number, but people say anything between 250 and 365) leading to and from the Harbour and Hora – that used to be little more than a goat’s track.  I either thumb a lift back up with a motor bike (this is a small Greek island after all), or take a taxi.

View of Symi island Harbour, Greece from the Hora. Life Beyond Borders
View of Symi Harbour from the Hora

Let’s not forget Pedhi Beach – the other side of the island from the Harbour – where you can take a good book and just laze on the sand (one of not many sandy stretches on the island), then lunch at a local taverna afterwards.

Where to stay on Symi island Greece

Symi Thea Hotel

I was really lucky to be afforded the opportunity to stay at the family run Symi Thea Hotel, just set back a little way down in the Harbour, or Gialos as it’s know. It helped me realise that staying down in the Harbour can be just as appealing as staying up in the higher town.

Facade of SYMI Thea Hotel Symi island Greece - Life Beyond Borders
Facade of SYMI Thea Hotel

A hotel is a hotel, right?  Well, yes – if you’re staying in an impersonal chain hotel.  But as I hope you’ve already seen; Symi is not a ‘chain hotel’ destination.  With all that gorgeous Neoclassical architecture around, you can bet your life that any hotel you stay in will be pretty special.

To me, what makes the Symi Thea stand out is that it only offers five suites – and they’re all very tastefully done out, and being only five means that the attention to detail and service is personal and of a high standard.  Here you are assured of quality.

The Chatzistratis family own and run the Symi Thea Hotel with a lot of love and care. Son Panagiotis (just call him ‘Panos) happily greets you from your ferry and takes you to the hotel, showing you around, whilst his mum also gets her ‘hands dirty’ by taking charge of the daily room cleans and housekeeping ‘duties.’

When you come to Symi Thea, you’re greeted and treated like a family member – this is a Greek family running the place after all, so you’re assured of the philoxenia that Greece and the Greeks are so famous for and, delightfully, comes so naturally to them (no being nice to you purely because they’re calculating the size of their tip!)

One of the five suites at the Symi Thea Hotel - Symi island - Greece. Life Beyond Borders
One of the five suites at the Symi Thea Hotel – Symi island – Greece

Facilities of Hotel Thea – Symi island Greece: a quick glance

  • Housed in a renovated neo-classical building reminiscent of the island
  • All original features restored where possible
  • Oak flooring throughout
  • Monsoon showers / specially designed toiliteries
  • High speed Wi-Fi in every room plus TV
  • Basic breakfast provided in each room every morning (the rooms are apartments in style with their own fridge and kettle)
  • Balcony or patio – all with harbour views
  • Bathrobe and slippers
  • Hairdryer
  • In-room safe
  • Welcome Pack and Welcome Drink
  • Collection and Drop Off to ferry

To me, the charm was the originality of the building and features, and the welcome received by the Chatzistratis family.  Will I go back and stay?  For sure!  I certainly hope I get the chance to.  I hope I’ve tempted you with a Symi stay at the Symi Thea Hotel.

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Where to Stay on Symi island - Greece - Symi Thea Hotel - LifeBeyondBorders
Where to Stay on Symi island – Greece – Symi Thea Hotel – LifeBeyondBorders


  1. I like the charm of the buildings with colorful outstanding architectural and decorative details 🙂 The spectacular view of the vast blue sea is great as well. Apparently, each room has its own style, color and name. Right ?

  2. Yep – well observed! It’s unique and reflects the beauty of the island. Thanks for stopping by and I do hope I’ve tempted you with a possible visit to Symi one day.

  3. Very good description of the island, excellent accommodation proposal!
    Τhe perfect choice for the traveler who seeks his own special shelter in beautiful Symi!!!

  4. Thank you very much Chrysa. Yes, I agree; the accommodation was exquisite and really quite perfect: not over the top, yet just boutique enough to feel special

  5. Fabulous description from a wonderful person! There are much more things to explore in Symi island and cozy people to help you with this!
    Its one of the most beautiful islands in Greece with lovely beaches!
    Continue the good work Bex!
    Thanks for everything!

  6. Thanks for your endorsements Panos. I am glad you enjoyed the article and yes, you’re right: Symi offers a lot to the visitor. So great to see the smaller Greek islands embracing the ’boutique’ concept, without necessarily burning a hole in one’s pocket

  7. Very nice article! Thank you for the information and photos of this beautiful Greek island. I am impatient to visit it one day and to stay in this lovely hotel!

  8. Thanks Elly.

    I do hope you get to visit Symi one day. It’s beautiful Greek island and yes, the Symi Thea Hotel is indeed a gorgeous place to base yourself.