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As a travel expert on Greece and guidebook updater for Rough Guide to the Greek Islands I feel fortunate to be able to visit out of the way Greek islands, less frequented and untouched by mass tourism.  One of those islands is Halki.

Halki is exceedingly small at only 11 sq miles and a year round population of roughly 480 inhabitants – increasing ever so slightly in the summer months.  People tend to visit as a day trip from Rhodes as it’s only an hour by catamaran.

But in order to fully soak up and appreciate the small island atmosphere, I’d recommend a two or three night stay – and where better than a traditional stone house – that of Halkis Muses.

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Having had experience of what it’s like to undertake a mammoth update of a guidebook, I decided to take my own advice and stay some more time on this albeit small Greek island. Imagine my delight when Halkis Muses offered to accommodate me.

The Greek island of Halki

What is Halkis Muses?

To quote from their website;

The Muses are the inspirational goddesses of literature, science and arts. They were considered the source of the knowledge embodied in the poetry, lyric songs and myths that were related orally for centuries in the ancient cultures. According to historic Pausanias, the three original…muses were daughters of Uranus and Gea. The combination of all three Muses; Aede, Mneme and Melete, is important to Poetic Art.

So, Halkis Muses are four properties on the island of Halki; one villa, three houses each with their own distinguishing features and all individually named after one of the muses.

My Halkis Muses ‘experience’ was in Muse Mneme: The Muse of Memory.  I was afforded the chance to stay in this 110 sq m (1184 sq ft), two story property located right on the water’s edge. It’s nice to know that this stone villa was named after the Muse of Memory because all the owner’s family have fond memories of the times they lived and grew up here.

Stone Villa - Halkis Muses - Halki Island - Greece. Life Beyond Borders
Stone villa Muses Mneme – Halkis Muses

My Halkis Muses Mneme experience

Upon see in Muses Mneme from the outside, you immediately feel a sense of its past – and, strangely, peace.  It’s probably because ‘her’ stone facade is literally a few steps from the water’s edge, and the sound is so peaceful, hearing the water lap gently against the side of the harbour.

Halkis Nmeme - Halkis Muses - Halki Island - Greece. LifeBeyondBorders
With a view like this from the front of your Halkis Muses villa, why leave?

Upon entering this lovely house, you walk into the open place downstairs area that comprises of a fully equipped kitchen to your left and living area to the right – really tastefully decorated and, once again, that old stone wall interior oozes authenticity and originality, as well as warmth!

A wooden staircase to the upper level reveals a very high ceilinged master bedroom with double bed – and laptop (in case you haven’t brought your own)…across the hall is the small bathroom and room with two single beds.

Mneme is great, therefore, for a family with two kids – but not only.  A couple or two couples could quite easily enjoy their time here.  Its situation – right on the harbour edge – is perfect and the lower level has outdoor seating, plus the upper level has this adorable balcony to view the goings on of the fishermen mending their nets below – perfect for eat breakfast and watching the world go by.

Amenities within Halkis  Muses

All of Halkis Muses properties come with:

  • High speed internet (and it really is high speed!)
  • Laptop
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Satellite/Smart TV
  • Maid Service (daily)

I really enjoyed my two nights in Muses Mneme.  It was relaxing, peaceful and literally a stone’s throw from the ‘centre’ of Halki (well, to be honest, most places in Halki aren’t far from each other as it’s such a tiny island).


If you’re coming to Rhodes on holiday, Halki is a great place to come either for a day, or for a three or four night stay. I’d highly recommend spending some time to explore and get to know this island, or just sit and relax, watch the world go by outside your door.  One of the houses of Halkis Muses is the perfect place to do that.  Check here for unbiased reviews about accommodation on Halki.

Don’t overlook Halki island.  It’s small, compact and as you’ve seen, offers a great range of accommodation.

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Where to stay in Halki island - Greece  Greek island travel - LifeBeyondBorders


  1. Thanks Shaun,
    The more I explore this beautiful country, the more I am keen to showcase the islands that not everybody knows about – the ‘Greece beyond Santorini and Mykonos’, as it were.

  2. I haven’t been to Greece since I was a kid and these photos are making me want to go back. Must admit, I’ve never heard of Halki Island before but it looks lovely. Where you stayed looked amazing so will def have to keep it in mind

  3. Thanks Claire.

    As I keep re-iterating to people, Greece has over 100 islands and is so much more than just Mykonos and Santorini (although those are gorgeous too, of course)

  4. There’s so much left to explore in Greece as I’ve only been to Athens, Crete and Santorini. This island looks lovely. I love the rustic charm of the villa, what a great way to spend a couple of nights. And right on the water too, pretty unbelievable.

  5. You’re certainly right about that! There’s so much to Greece, especially on the mainland too – and not just in summer!
    Yes, the stone house was a beautiful property to stay in, and so peaceful to wake up in the morning to the water lapping by the side, and the fishermen chatting to each other or mending their nets. It left me feeling very calm.

  6. Greece is so beautiful. I wish I can explore it. It’s been on my list for a very long time now. I love the rustic look of that villa. So romantic and charming.

  7. This place is gorgeous! I’ve never been to Greece but I’m really hoping to make it this summer. I’ll have to look into this place while I’m there!

  8. I do hope you get to visit Greece Nathan – and be sure to explore the country’s many islands on offer

  9. Thank you. The villa certainly was rustic – and homely too, with excellent vibes from the place.

  10. Ah! I love that first photo- it looks as if all the buildings noticed how beautiful the Aegean is and rushed down the hill to the water for a better look!

    There are already so many Greek islands we want to visit we are having trouble choosing. I just added this one to our list, so I guess narrowing things down just got a little more complicated!

  11. Glad I could tempt you even more Tina. I loved Halki – and yes, narrowing down which Greek islands to visit sure isn’t easy!