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Discover the Best of Greece - LifeBeyondBorders

Discover the Best of Greece

We all know about Travel Bucket Lists, but what's your favourite country with regards to beauty and culture?  For me, it's obviously going to have to be Greece.  Come with me as I discover...
Lessons Learned from Travel and Teaching - Intercultural Intelligence

Life lessons that teaching – and travelling – have taught me

What life lessons have I learned through travelling? That expression "Jack of all trades, Master of none" used to really irritate me, probably because it summed me up quite well yet seemed to have negative...
Tips to Combat Loneliness Abroad

Tips for combatting loneliness in a foreign country

You only need to head to Instagram, your Facebook feed or Twitter to see pictures and stories of how wonderful life is on the ‘other side of the fence’ – or globe in this...
Riot Dog of Athens - the true story - LifeBeyondBorders

Riot Dog Athens

I originally wrote this article back in 2012 when there was a lot of negative press about Athens on the news.  The Greek economic crisis was really starting to bite and rioting wasn't an...
Girl Gone Greek - Read the novel by Rebecca Hall

Girl Gone Greek – a novel

My novel's been out since 2015  - but let's have a look at the development of writing Girl Gone Greek. Update: You may also follow my Girl Gone Greek website for more background information about...

Greece, the UK, the EU Referendum

**Warning: Swearing in this post - plus some honest opinions you may not like** Thank you. She stepped up to me and embraced me.  I looked and felt a little perplexed. Your chocolate tonight is free, on...

Impact Hub – Athens

You're a travel blogger, a remote or location independent worker. You're coming to Athens, Greece for a short or mid-period of time and whilst you may've rented a great AirBNB apartment to base yourself,...

Fund your travels with TEFL?

Many of you will know; prior to my life as a travel writer, I trained as a TEFL teacher and taught in Greece for over 5 years. I recently read a really interesting article about...

Launch of “Girl Gone Greek” in Athens

Followers of my site will know I also wear a different hat: that of an author of fiction.  In May 2015 I released my debut novel Girl Gone Greek on Amazon. I self-published it...

An oasis in Athens city on a hot day

A glorious 28 degrees today - but I am in the middle of the city! I love the southern beaches, but they're a bit too far to venture out to by the time I...

Incorrect assumptions of an expat lifestyle

As followers of my site will know, I run regular stories by expats in my Expats Sharing Experiences section.  I like to reach out and encourage others to share their stories of expat life,...

Little cultural observations living in Greece

A short post this time.  There are many reasons I love living in Greece, as you'll have read in my post seven things to love about living in Greece/the Greeks. Spitting yia yia's (grannies)...

Living the unconventional life?

Shouldn't you be living a 9-5 life?  It's not as if you're a teenager any more... If I gave a pound for every time this insinuation has been levied in my direction, I'd be a...

The sun doesn’t always shine when living abroad – the difficulties too

I read a post by Barry O'Leary the other day, 5 Things I Hate About Living in Spain and it prompted me to write this post. Sara Alexi, author of  “The Greek Village” series, in her recent...

My favourite part of the day in Greece

I can honestly say I love going to work. Not necessarily because I have a job I enjoy (although that's partly to do with it), and not necessarily because that job is in my chosen...

Language differences, not rudeness

I’d like to talk about the language that leads to cultural differences I've noticed since being in Greece. I was teaching a new class of 5 year olds the other day and a boy piped...

The Greek Cat – Hit by Two Cars and Found a Home (with me).

I have a lovely edition to the household: Felicity the cat. Regular followers of my blog will be aware of my work with NineLives, the cat charity here in Athens...hence my love of cats.  Felicity...

Where did all the REAL, GOOD men go?

I mean, where are they?  You know the ones: they'd catch a rabbit, skin and cook it if they had to (we are coming to the end of the world, supposedly, after all).  They...

Cultural differences – hugging & kissing

Who doesn't like a hug & kiss, right?  Well, it appears that there are vast cultural differences when it comes to undertaking these lovely, tactile ways of expressing pleasure or love. Back in 2012, I...

Compassion in Greece

I was travelling to work today on the trolley (the Greek name for the yellow 'buses' that run on electricity) and two things made me smile: 1) An old man gets off the trolley at...