Little cultural observations living in Greece


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A short post this time.  There are many reasons I love living in Greece, as you’ll have read in my post seven things to love about living in Greece/the Greeks.
Spitting yia yia’s (grannies) is another reason to love Greece – read about that here and also, today I was reminded that I need to pinch myself to remember that I live abroad.  I doubt you’d see this in a British or U.S. supermarket:

Priest going about his every day - well, he has to eat.
Priest going about his every day – well, he has to eat.

Yes, even an Orthodox priest needs to eat.
It may seem inconsequential, and I’ve lived here long enough, but small things don’t escape my notice and I still smile to myself.

What things make you sit up and realise you’re living abroad? Do share.


  1. What a lovely picture, Bex!! To me this picture brings out a sense of community. I don’t quite know why though since in Athens you don’t usually get a traditional kind of community… Maybe it’s some kind of collective subconsiousness- you gave me food for thought! 🙂