An oasis in Athens city on a hot day


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A glorious 28 degrees today – but I am in the middle of the city! I love the southern beaches, but they’re a bit too far to venture out to by the time I managed to get out of bed.  My friend had told me about the Halandri Tennis Club, so I thought I’d give it a try.

Halandri is a suburb in the north of Athens.  Piling my lotion, swimwear and water into my gym bag, off I set.  It’s not hard to get to – the best metro stop is Nomismatokopio on the blue metro line.

From there, walk along the main Mesogion road for about 7 mins, left at the first major lights (bus area ‘Tombra’) and walk up the street for about 500 meters.  It’s well signposted.


I entered the rather posh reception area, feeling a little under dressed. But I needn’t have worried…the receptionist didn’t bat an eyelid and quite happily took my 8 Euro entry fee.  This covered access to the pool and all facilities.

Gorgeous pool

Gorgeous pool

Making myself comfortable on a sun lounger, I decided to brave the pool which contains natural spring water from their own well – apparently.  Yes, it was chilly and took me about 10 mins to enter – but how refreshing!


asked the young waiter as he sauntered up to my lounger.  No, not just yet.  I was content to sip my water, people watch and bask in the sun for a few hours before heading back home for a nap.

Tennis courts
Tennis courts

The Halandri Tennis Club is a fab price and blessedly, not horrendously busy (or at least it wasn’t when I arrived at 12:30pm).  When I left about 2pm it was starting to fill up with mothers and their children, although the crowd is mixed and next to me were a couple of businessmen, and opposite by the tennis court a group of elderly gentlemen who looked like they belonged in a kafeneo!  Maybe this was their upmarket one.

Lovely bar / restaurant area to relax in
Lovely bar / restaurant area to relax in

If you’re in town for any length of time and thing you’ll frequent it often, 100 Euros will give you a month’s membership, 170 Euros two months.  I had a great time and whilst I won’t shell out for a monthly membership, I sure don’t mind spending 8 Euros to go for a swim…it beats paying a minimum of 20 Euros in a hotel pool.


  1. This place looks amazing, I play tennis and swim a lot, so I can’t wait to come and use these facilities. The entrance fee is so reasonable too. Another plus is that it is accessible via the metro. Thanks for sharing and for taking great pics of it too.

  2. Yes, I particularly loved their pool. As I wasn’t paying for a court, I do not know if the 8 Euros was also for tennis court useage, I doubt it and I guess there’d be more to pay on top of that too. But it is a lovely place.

  3. Wow that is a great idea; I never would have thought of looking for something like this when I was in Athens. Fantastic!!!