Athens vs London


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The translation reads “Revolution first and always”

Here’s a thought:  Maybe now, people won’t be so quick to judge the Greeks as being barbarians after recent events in London eh?

Take a look at these two YouTube links:
Now, this one deals with an intelligent young student, explaining why she protests.  Admittedly it is reported without any violence erupting, but listen to what she actually says.  She makes reference to anarchy – note she does not support anarchy.

Then we have this one:
Without being direspectful to the UK public being affected by what’s going on, I’m sorry but I laughed at this girl till I wept.
“I’m getting my taxes back,” her justification for taking off with a handful of goods.


Yes, I had no words but to laugh a little hysterically I’m afraid.  Oh, and btw – Waterstones book shop left alone?  Why am I not suprised?

So, think twice, please, before you judge these ‘barbarian’ Greeks.  Maybe you should be looking a little closer to home.  And before you become critical of the policing in the UK, be glad you don’t live in a city where they police like this:  Reporter shouting in Greek “Shame on you for beating up a 15 year old kid!”

and this:

The ‘fog’ is tear gas – regularly used here.  And it’s not nice, it first clogs your throat, then the eyes start to stream.

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  1. Hilarious!…the one of the girl getting her taxes back!!

    Unfair…the whole thing! A country so civilized as the UK and they are looting the shops! But if done in Greece, then they are considered Barbarians! ?????

  2. I have to admit, I think if this were in Greece, people would not be so suprised and would just raise their eyes to the ceiling and say “Well, what do you expect?” so I am trying to highlight the DIFFERENCE in the MOTIVATION behind what happens in Greece vs England.
    A lot of WELL EDUCATED Greeks take to the streets and, having watched the final video, seemed to be provoked initially into violence by the police. The UK situation was different.

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