Greek Dishes – Top Things to Eat and Drink in Athens, Greece

Top 10 Things to Eat & Drink in Athens Greece
Top 10 Things to Eat & Drink in Athens Greece

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The land of the Ancient Gods and the city that introduced Democracy to the western world knows how to celebrate life, and that’s through food. Eating Greek dishes isn’t merely an activity to fill your stomach, it’s to be appreciated and enjoyed with good company, hence mealtimes can go on for two, sometimes three hours in Greece. Here, then, are my top recommended Greek dishes to try when in the capital city.

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Top 10 Things to Eat & Drink in Athens Greece
Top 10 Things to Eat & Drink in Athens Greece  Images © jcvelis and DanaTentis from Pixabay

This post is a great guide for those coming to Athens for a day via cruise.

Top things to eat and drink in Athens

Note: Most of Athens’ good eateries are found in the city centre; about a 9 mile / 20 minute / €17 taxi ride away from the cruise terminal at Piraeus.

  • Top Greek Dish – Meze

The Greek version of Spanish tapas, mezeis made for sharing and can be eaten to accompany an alcoholic drink or as a main. It consists of a variety of dishes including dolmades (stuffed vine leaves), tzatziki (yogurt and garlic dip), any number of Greek or Cretan salads (with feta or local homemade cheese) and meat, cheese and spinach pies with filo pastry.

greek meze photo. Life Beyond Borders
Photo by Ania Mendrek

Very popular for a snack as you wander around the sites, and eaten regularly by the locals, koulouriis a simple ring of bread sprinkled with sesame seeds or cheese and olives and is sold from koulouri stands all over the city.  To koulouri tou Psyri is the bakery that supplies the majority of stands in the Athens area and is located in the Psyri neighbourhood of Athens—near Monastiraki.  You can buy them directly from here too.

  • Greek Yogurt

You’ve probably eaten Greek yogurt before, but you won’t have tastedit until you try it from the oldest dairy in Athens.  Founded in 1931 and situated in the less than salubrious Omonia district of Athens, a short walk from Monastiraki, Stani is popular with locals and the yogurt and other dairy desserts on offer (such as rice pudding) uses sheep’s milk, thus ensuring its thickness and freshness.  Served with Greek honey, you’re in for a real treat.

greek yogurt. Life Beyond Borders
Photo by WordRidden
  • Top Greek Dish – Souvlaki

You can’t come to Greece and not try souvlaki! The Greek version of fast food, it’s actually quite healthy.  Cubes of grilled pork, tomato, onion, parsley, tzatziki and fries fried in olive oil are wrapped in pita bread.  The locals tend to go to Kostas, operating since 1950 and located just off Mitropoleos Street near Syntagma Square.  You’ll find every food outlet and restaurants serves souvlaki, but avoid the ones in touristy Monastiraki.

Top 10 Things to Eat & Drink in Athens - Souvlaki. Life Beyond Borders
Top 10 Things to Eat & Drink in Athens – Souvlaki © jcvelis from Pixabay
  • Falafel

Not usually thought of as a Greek dish, but a legacy of the Ottoman Empire, falafel is the equivalent of a vegetarian souvlaki. Falafels are pita breads filled with chickpeas, tomato, lettuce, cucumber, aubergine, tomato and yoghurt sauce.  Falafellas in Aiolou St No. 51 is the place to buy yours.  Centrally located, it’s frequented by locals and tourists alike.  Be prepared to queue, but the wait is worth it.

falafel. Life Beyond Borders
Photo by apasciuto
  • Greek food with a difference – Chicken mastihato

This dish is one of many Greek dishes with a twist served in one of four family restaurants in and around the capital—Tzitzikas Ki O Mermigas. The chicken fillet comes on a “kadaifi” pastry nest with creamy Chios mastic sauce and bacon.  Decorated to take on the aesthetics of a small, 1950’s Greek village store and popular with locals, nevertheless the more touristy Syntagma Square location is the best one to eat in if you’re time is limited as it’s more centrally located; Mitropoleos Street 12-14.

  • So now you’ve decided to visit Athens and try out the local food, read all about the Best Souvenirs from Greece and where you can buy them
  • Loukoumades

Loukoumades are small, yeast-risen puffs deep-fried until golden brown and drizzled with honey and sprinkled with cinnamon and icing sugar. Some are injected with the cream of your choice; banana, lemon or chocolate—but it’s nicer to eat them in their simple form.  The centrally located, traditional sweet shop Krinos in Aiolou St No. 87 (near Falafellas) has been making and selling this traditional Greek dessert (among others) since 1923 and is the place to buy them.

loukoumades. Life Beyond Borders
Photo by Gary Soup
  • Top Greek drink – Ouzo

If you’re not a fan of licorice, then don’t try this strong, Greek liquor.  Drunk in small shot glasses, sip it with or without ice, and sip it you should! Great with mezes, ouzo is best drunk in an ouzeri; a café that specializes in stocking many forms of this drink and accompanying it with many types of traditional Greek food.  To Kafeneon is one such ouzeri; located in the central tourist area of Plaka, around the Acropolis—on Epiharmou St—yet is exceedingly popular with locals. Their ouzo comes from the Greek island of Chios.

Top 10 Things to Eat & Drink in Athens, Greece - Ouzo. Life Beyond Borders
Top 10 Things to Eat & Drink in Athens, Greece – Ouzo Image © DanaTentis from Pixabay
  • Greek coffee

Making good Greek coffee is an artform.  The ground coffee beans are brought slowly to the boil on a brikiand your desired amount of sugar is added, and then poured into your cup.  Like everything else in Greece, it’s designed to be sipped and enjoyed slowly.  You can only drink it to a certain point though; once you get to the—what can only be described as ‘sludge’ at the bottom—you’ll be chewing it off your spoon. Greek coffee can be ordered in any café—but the best non-touristy places in central Athens are located in Iroon Square in the neighbourhood of Psiri, near Monasteraki.

greek coffee. Life Beyond Borders
Photo by Ole Husby
  • Frappe

Another Greek favourite (and Greeks can sit all day sipping this ‘buzzing’ drink), frappe is instant Nescafe mixed with water, milk, lots of sugar and mixed to a froth and served with ice—perfect on a hot day after exploring the sites.  If caffeine is not your thing, then be sure to ask for a decaffeinated version. Again, in central Athens the Psiri neighbourhood near Monasteraki is teaming with cafés little known to tourists, but well frequented by locals.

greek frappe. Life Beyond Borders
Photo by Unterstrich

I hope you’ve enjoyed my rundown of the top ten things to eat and drink in Athens, Greece and where to find them. What is your favourite Greek dish? Share in the comments below.

Header image © jcvelis of Pixabay

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Top 10 Things to Eat & Drink in Athens and Where to find it - Greece - LifeBeyondBorders
Top 10 Things to Eat & Drink in Athens and Where to find it – Greece Images © jcvelis, jcveis,Engin_Akyurt and DanaTentis  all of Pixabay.


  1. Darn Bex. We missed da Meze in Cyprus. Heavy Greek influence of course, so Meze was huge there. Folks told us to drop the 30 bucks to enjoy the feast. We did not get around to it though. Perhaps on a Greece or return Cyprus trip we will enjoy this bounty.

  2. Well, the only way to eat in this part of the world is to share, not be individualistic about it…and it’s cheap too, for such great food.
    Be sure to embrace the Greek spirit when you next come!

  3. I’m a huge fan of Greek food. I eat Greek yogurt every morning. I’d love to try the original Greek Yogurt from the place you suggested above. But I’m also afraid once I try the real deal, I won’t be able to like my yogurt at home…That’s what happened to me with gelato after coming back from Italy.

  4. I love Green food, and I loved eating Greek food in Athens! Wish I had had this guide when i was there though! That dairy sounds amazing!! I never could get into Greek coffee though. The grounds are a bit of a turn off haha.

  5. I’m so excited to visit Athens. All of these foods look amazing. I had no idea falafel was something to eat in Athens.

  6. Hi Karen,

    Falafel is more of a Turkish dish, but it is possible to get in Athens (and Greece) and the place I recommend buying has queues out of the door, hence why I recommended the dish.
    Enjoy your time when you come!

  7. Hi Maggie,

    Yes – I find it hard to stomach Greek coffee too, except Frappe…now that is something I LOVE!

  8. Hey Chloe,

    Yes, that’s the problem with eating dishes in their native country…it’s hard when we get back to our own, and supermarket bought equivalents are just not the same!

  9. Falafels are some of my favorite things to eat. I haven’t tried any of the others on this list but the souvlaki looks mouth-watering. (Gotta find some Greek foods!)

  10. Greece is such a charming and picturesque country, Bex. These are some mouth-watering dishes which I’d love to taste one day and Athens seems the perfect place for it! How come I’ve never thought of combining cucumbers, tomatoes, and cheese to make a salad?!

  11. So long as it’s feta cheese Lydia, it makes a perfect salad. The Greeks have the right approach to food: the simpler, the better

  12. Thanks so much, I’ve been reading all of your articles! My family heads out for Greece on Friday and your posts have given me so much great information! Can’t wait to hit up some of these places!

  13. Thanks Andi,

    I’m glad this post can inspire you and your family for where to eat. It’s a beautiful country with many beautiful dishes, as you can see

  14. It’s interesting to know that we’re not advised to leave Greece until we try their souvlaki dish. However, our supposed trip later this year got postponed because of the pandemic. For my partner and I’s safety, I think it would be better to find a nearby Greek restaurant and just have their food for takeout.

  15. That sounds like a very good idea in the meantime Zoe. I do hope you manage eventually to come to this beautiful country and one day try Souvlaki in its birthplace.

    All the best to you.

  16. Are the Greeks up on food allergies? I can’t wheat and most of the above choices all have it. Any ideas of Greek foods without wheat? E.g. Fish, meats, salads? Thank you.

  17. Greece is teeming with fish choices and delicious souvlaki (pork or chicken) plus Greek salads.
    My advice is that when you find your restaurant to want to frequent, call ahead and ask them