Birthday celebtation, riot in Athens on my birthday


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Ok, as you can see it’s been a really full week this week!

So, the bad stuff first:  There’ve been a serious of 24 hr strikes on Public Transport this week and also yesterday (15DEC – my birthday I hasten to add) was a strike of EVERYTHING, including media, therefore there was a media blackout in Greece. 
Anyway, luckily I wasn’t working yesterday so I had a leisurely day with a visit from a friend (and of course Linguine, the cat),  a visit to 2 more friends and finally, in the evening – rounded off ‘Sex and the City’ style in a lovely bistro with my 2 good girlfriends in the centre of town – followed by drinks and cocktails in a very trendy bar – repleate with a bloody GORGEOUS transvestite with legs like a racehorse (up to his/her armpits) and a strange mix of Athenians.  So what a lovely way to spend the day.

EXCEPT:  apparently, all around me ANARCHY has sent in:
 watch the above link to see.  As the Greek press were also striking yesterday, none of us had any idea that this was happening and an email from my dear dad in the UK asking ‘Are you alright’ alerted me to look at the International press, to see what was happening in the country I currently inhabit (a touch of irony there I think).
Note from this link the dogs quite happily weaving their way in between the rioters…they’re quite famous by now, these dogs – the ‘Syntagma Dogs’, cropping up in photos all the time.   And they’re so sweet as well…they’re kinda indifferent to it all now – they wear an expression of ‘Huh!  Here the crazy humans go again.’

Now, much later on in the evening, my friend and I are sharing a taxi to go into the centre (remember we have no idea this has happened still) and the taxi driver is moaning about having to drive into the centre – and it’s when we eventually see rocks on the side of the road, bins burnt out and overturned and the smell of petrol that it dawns on us something happened earlier on.  

In Greece, the tradition for a taxi driver (whether there’s a strike of public transport or not) is to ‘cab share’ so you can quite happily be the only person in the taxi, when he’ll suddenly stop and take another fare.  Anyway, yesterday was necessary as people were in deep sh*t trying to get anywhere (due to previously mentioned strike).

So we stop for this woman – 2 seconds later she yells at the driver to stop, she’s forgotton something and jumps out and off she runs!  The hilarious thing is, as the taxi driver spent the whole drive moaning, he rounded off with the following comment:


(If you’re not Greek, it’s a rude reference to what happens to women if they don’t get enough of ‘it’!  And it involves the ‘f’ word.)  I’ll let you translate it for yourselves – or ask a Greek friend…I’m sure you know a Greek person somewhere…they’re everywhere (said with affection). xx

P.S. for further hileriousness about Greek taxi drivers – take a peek at this:

Stay safe people!  It really is coming to a ‘head’.  Oh!  Just one last pondering;  who really IS the most ‘violent?’  Greek or English police?!  Look at the Youtube video again of the riot – did you note any police charging on mounted horses?????  Hmmmmmmm….


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