nice ‘n’ easy restaurant – Athens


Yes, that is actually the name of the restaurant!  I was invited out to dinner the other night with a good friend and her husband. It’s a bio and organic restaurant – you’ll love it! she enthused.  Hmm, I wasn’t so sure.  Not having had much experience of bio restaurants – admittedly – I pictured grass on the menu and raw meat (OK, not literally, but you get my drift). How wrong could I be? What’s in a name According to their website, the name nice ‘n’ easy was inspired by the Frank Sinatra song. 

The Drugstore Bar – Athens, Greece


I had the fortune to celebrate my birthday at a good friend’s bar this year.  The Drugstore has two locations in Athens: Psirri (very central) and Exarchia.  I decided I wanted to get to know more about the place and intriguing name, so I interviewed Spilios, the owner: Spilios, you run The Drugstore in the Exarchia district of Athens (known as the ‘anarchist’ area) and have now opened another one in the slightly more touristy area of Psirri (just two mins from Monastiraki metro). What inspired the name—I hope it’s not what I or other

A trip (again) to Nafplio, Greece


Back in May 2013, I had the pleasure of visiting Nafplio in the Peloponnese area of Greece.  I wrote about the old capital here. Today I was afforded the opportuntity to visit it again, this time as a day trip…I jumped at the chance. Nafplio, in the region of Argolis, was the first capital of the new Greek state from 1823 – 1834. Greek mythology tells us that Nafplios, the son of Poseidon, founded the town.  Located 137.2km from Athens, it can take approx.  1hr 50 mins via very good toll roads, either driving, or

Food like your mother would cook – Athens

Mama's Kitchen Kitchen

Manas Kouzina Kouzina literally translates to ‘Mama’s Kitchen Kitchen.’  Why would this eatery – in the centre of Athens – need to repeat the ‘kitchen’ twice?  Well, to understand this, you need to understand that this is more than just a place to come and eat – Manas Kouzina Kouzina is a philosophy. I had the pleasure of being hosted by Stefanos Spatas – the majority shareholder.  Hailing from a PR background, this incredibly down to earth individual is actually pleased to be out of industry and ‘getting back to simple things’ (like good food).