Living the Cambodian Dream


Half English, half American, Lucy is the author of She has spent the last six years travelling and most of that time is spent getting lost and making friends who can read maps. She has spent a lot of time travelling in Asia and Europe, interspersed with trips back to the United States to eat Reeces Pieces and visit family. She only returns to the UK when she’s in need of a really good fix of cheese. Aside from the blog, you can see what she’s up to on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. She shares with

Diane Kroe Travel Fashion


As a regular traveller, both long and short haul, I’m always on the lookout for well made, comfortable and versatile clothing. When Diane’s collection came to my attention by fellow traveller and author Savannah Grace, I was keen to get in touch with Diane, place an order and interview the clothes designer.  Her clothes are great because one piece can be used as various looks. As Diane Kroe’s website stipulates, her signature collections embrace chic, smart styling to give glamorous detail to multi-function. These timeless, easy care, wrinkle-free pieces are perfect for any occasion and

Anafiotika – Athens


There’s a part of Athens that had always eluded me.  I had never been able to find it!  Anafiotika is the neighbourhood, located under the northeastern side of the Acropolis Hill, part of historical Plaka. History The neighbourhood came into being in the reign of Otto of Greece – the Bavarian prince who in 1832, became the first modern King of Greece.  Construction workers were needed to work on the King’s Palace, and they came from the island of Anafi, a tiny island in the Cyclades chain and with a population in 2011 of 271.

The Clumsies – Athens, Greece


Nikos Bakoulis is the co-owner of The Clumsies – a newly opened, prestigious bar housed in an old 1919 neoclassical mansion, located in central Athens near Monisteraki and Panepistimio metro stations.  It’s actually hidden off a small square in Praxitelous street, number 30. [A] bartender is not only judged by the impeccable execution of a recipe, but also by the way he connects with customers. Nikos used to bartend in 2012 with fellow co-owner Vassilis Kyritsis.  This was their philosophy – and the Clumsies was born as follows: …bring them [Vassilis and Nikos] into contact

Interview with former Evzones – soldiers of the Greek Presidential Guard


Any tourist visiting Athens won’t have failed to experience them—you know, the soldiers that stand guard outside Parliament with dead straight faces; not flinching, not moving a muscle and occasional doing a funny walk. I was interested to dig deeper—so when Anthe Mitrakos of Portes Magazine put me in touch with two brothers, one who served in the Evzone Company and the other who served in the Command Company of the Presidential Guard, I was chuffed to be afforded an interview with them! Background What’s an Evzone? They’re the soldiers that stand outside the Tomb

Discover Greek Culture – An evening in a Greek Mansion


Founded in 2013, Discover Greek Culture offers tourists to Greece… hands-on Cultural Tourism Experiences [in Greece]. DGC promotes Greek culture by showcasing the history, archaeology, art and gastronomy that set Greece apart from the rest. DGC’s unique tours weave together the very best of the Hellenic experience for discerning travelers looking to immerse themselves in Greek culture. On a rainy Monday evening in February 2015, Licensed Tour Guide Sotiris Karkanias and Marketing and Sales Co-ordinator, Michael Tanteles met myself and other members of Travel Bloggers Greece to take us on a ‘mystery tour.’  Despite the rain, I felt quite

Street art of Athens by Alternative Tours of Athens


I knew Athens was a city with a lot of streetart – but I wasn’t prepared for quite how much until Alternative Tours of Athens took us under their wing and hosted us on Sunday, 8th February.  Representing Travel Bloggers Greece, myself, Table Salt and Passion for Greece were take on a comprehensive three hour tour of the neighbourhoods of Metaxourgeio and Gazi. Streetart is a contentious form of ‘art.’  Many see it as graffiti and indeed, it cannot be denied that there is a lot of pointless defacing of already run down neoclassical buildings

Interviewed by Gutsy Living about my travels


Sonia Marsh is the creator of Gutsy Living.  She likes to seek out brave people and talk to them about their gutsy lives. Sonia’s pretty gutsy herself!  Her and her family moved to Belize for one year – she shared that gutsy experience with me here. Sonia’s book “Freeway to Flipflops” is about her experiences there – I interviewed her here once I’d read her indie memoir. Today it was my turn to be interviewed.  Sonia is intrigued about my container ship adventures and life abroad.  I share with her here a synopsis of the