Greece ‘in crisis’ – JULY 2015


It seems a real shame that I have to write this. Many of you will know that I live here and am a huge fan of Greece and the Greek people.  And many of you cannot have failed to notice how much Greece is in the headlines of late. Unfortunately, I have been receiving some requests from various media sources to share the ‘negative experiences’ that people – expats – are suffering.  Whilst I have no doubt and am under no illusions as to the situation here, it upsets me to hear that media is

Celebrating six months of teamwork


Sunday 21st June 2015 was the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere – the Summer Solstice.  In some parts of the Hemisphere, people celebrated with their various rituals.  Here in Athens, Greece, we had a different reason to celebrate: the day marked the Travel Bloggers Greece 6 months of teamwork, sharing ideas and promoting this wonderful country. How did we celebrate?  In style of course, and this being Greece, that had to include food! Manas Kouzina Kouzina I have already written about this traditional Greek restaurant in the centre of Athens here.

Socrates Now – an interview with Emmy Award winning actor Yannis Simonides


We all know who Socrates was: only one of the greatest Greek philosophers of all time. I’m a fan of the Greek philosophers—I feel the world owes them a hell of a lot, but find learning about them tends to be quite dry and academic. Imagine my delight at discovering an artistic way to learn: why not educate and enjoy myself at the same time? Socrates Now is a 75 minute solo theatre performance (in English with Modern Greek subtitles) highlighting the Apology of Socrates. Performed in seventeen countries so far—festivals, universities and theatres—in 2015

Zakynthos Town


The Travel Bloggers Greece recent trip to Zakynthos with Zante Hotels 4 U didn’t solely consist of beaches, caves and boat trips – we were afforded the opportunity to be shown around Zante (Zakynthos) Town, the capital of the island. St. Dennis’s Church and Bell Tower Built in 1708, the bell tower was one of only three buildings across the whole island that remained in tact (still standing) after the devastating earthquake that shook the island (and the other Ionian islands of Kefalonia and Ithaca) in 1953.  Many people lost not only their homes, but

Zakynthos: Blue Caves & Shipwreck Beach

The gorgeous - almost 'jurassic' coastline of Zakynthos, on the way to Shipwreck beach

After having seen the amazing Keri Caves, Oasis Beach and Marathonisi Island, I wondered what other natural wonders Zante Hotels 4 U had in store for us. I was unprepared for what lay ahead. NOOOOOO! After all the “Ohhhh”s” and Ahhhhh’s of the previous day, I thought we’d be all caved out.  But no.  Zante Hotels 4 U drove us to Skinari Lighthouse, the closest point to the Blue Caves and Shipwreck beach. Walking down the small steps to the water’s edge, we waited as a small glass-bottomed boat came and took us plus a

Zakynthos: Olive Oil and Keri Caves


The Travel Bloggers Greece‘s second day in Zakynthos saw us visiting a traditional olive oil factory and an amazing private boat tour to the Keri Caves. Aristeon Ecological Olive Press Located near Lithakia Village, this family business started operation in 1850 and the current factory is only four years old. I never thought olives could be so interesting to be honest!  Did you know there are over two million olive trees on Zakynthos and that in the harvest season (October to February), they are gathered from the trees in the ‘traditional way’ – that means people

Travelling to Zakynthos


Back in 2013, I wrote a post about alternative ways to reach the Ionian Islands instead of flying (Kefalonia, Ithaca, etc).  Recently, Zante Hotels 4 U  invited members from Travel Bloggers Greece  to be hosted on their wonderful island.  Myself, Passion for Greece, My Greece My Travels and Foodaki (a fabulous Greek food travel blogger, page also available in English) went along to find out about this Ionian island. First, we had to get there Zante Hotels 4 U had it all arranged, so we didn’t have to worry about a thing.  All we had to do was

“Girl Gone Greek” – my debut novel!

girlgonegreek kindle

I’m so excited, I could burst!  In the summer of 2010 I was back in the UK visiting family.  One lazy summery afternoon, I was dozing in bed.  You know that halfway stage between sleep and being awake?  Well, that’s the time for me when all my thoughts come together and I think random strangeness. Except this time was a ‘Eureka!’ moment. Why not start a novel about your experiences in Greece?  It’s nice you’ve got a blog, but why not push yourself that bit further? And people might be interested in the colourful characters