Portes Magazine – a piece of Greece

Portes Magazine Coffee

I heard about Portes Magazine through a friend of a friend, but wasn’t entirely sure about its background or what to expect. So when I was offered the chance to interview one of its founding developers and executive editors—Anthe Mitrakos—I jumped at the chance. The Magazine Intelligent, chic, and visually compelling with a unique layout and elegant matte cover design, Portes Magazine is a high-quality publication addressing a creative and intellectual audience that appreciates a colourful yet sophisticated approach to storytelling. The word Portes means “doors” in Modern Greek. Anthe helped me to understand that

A Girl’s Guide to Travelling Alone – an anthology


Eleven years ago, Gemma Thompson was on her very first solo backpacking trip, heading to Bangkok via a two night stay in Dubai, with the intention to trek all throughout Asia. To keep her company, she brought along the works of male travel writers like Michael Palin and Bill Bryson, but quickly concluded that the narratives lacked a perspective closer to her own. Gemma felt that travel stories like hers could better help advise and accompany female travellers – or at the very least, serve as solidarity while on the road. Gemma soon came up

Marissa Tejada – Author booklaunch at Artlinks – “Chasing Athens”


I am so thrilled to be interviewing Marissa Tejada again! I interviewed her here  back in early May 2014. She’d just released her debut novel “Chasing Athens” and as an adopted Athenianite myself, I loved reading it. This time, I was thrilled to hear Marissa was launching her novel at Artlinks.  Marissa’s become a good friend since my first meeting with her back in May 2014, so I jumped at the chance to attend and support her. Marissa, how long has it been since “Chasing Athens” has been released and how well received has it

Interview with Susan Norton – Cellist in Athens

Susan and 'cello-ERT 2012.1

Today I have the pleasure of interviewing Susan Norton-Vakondiou, lover of Athens, cellist and who will be performing at the Opening Party of Artlinks on Friday, 17th October 2014 at 21:15.  Interview conducted by email. Susan, you’re British. How did you end up in Athens, and when? I auditioned for the Camerata orchestra of Athens in 1992, the resident orchestra of the Megaron Musicis whilst living in London. I was offered the job and decided to move here for a year. Many years later I am still here! When did you start playing the cello,