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Top seven ancient wonders of Greece - LifebeyondBorders
Top seven ancient wonders of Greece - LifeBeyondBorders

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As one of the major cradles of Western civilisation, Greece laid claim to many of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Sadly, all of these incredible creations from pre-history have vanished, with the notable exception of the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt.

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However, the number of budding archaeologists who go on holiday to Greece are testament to the many important sites that are unofficial wonders of antiquity. If you’re thinking about a sightseeing visit, and want to explore some great attractions, read on for some recommended top seven wonders of Greece.

The Seven Wonders of Greece

1. The Oracle of Delphi

oracle of delphi photo. Life Beyond Borders
Photo by isawnyu

Situated in the Temple of Apollo at Delphi, the Oracle was a woman who predicted future events. It’s likely that she developed her seer-like powers thanks to noxious gases that slipped into the holy building.  One of the reasons it’s considered a top seven wonder of Greece is due to its location and the fact that Delphi is reputed to be the navel of the universe – the centre.

2. The Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus

Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus photo. Life Beyond Borders
Photo by Amphithoe

A well-preserved example of ancient Greek theatres, the Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus – located in the Peloponnese region of mainland Greece – was a religious and cultural centre. The theatre demonstrates the impressive architectural symmetry and acoustic engineering of the time. Dedicated to the God of Healing – Asklepios – the theatre is surrounded by verdant vegetation that adds to its appeal of being classed as a top seven wonder of Greece.

3. The Palace of Knossos

palace of knossos photo - Crete. Life Beyond Borders
Photo by Ania Mendrek

Did you know that the Minoans of Crete are regarded as one of the earliest most powerful cultures in Europe? Ruled from the Palace of Knossos, this race of seafaring traders forged an incredibly advanced civilization that had plumbing, bathtubs, toilets and sewers. Their culture was devastated by a tsunami from a volcanic explosion on modern-day Santorini.

4. Akrotiri Ruins

Akrotiri Ruins photo. Life Beyond Borders
Photo by CJ Sugg

As a result of the volcanic eruption mentioned above, the bronze age settlement of Akrotiri on the Greek island of Santorini has become known as “the Minoan Pompeii”. The settlement was destroyed in the same eruption, but archaeological investigations have uncovered three-storey buildings with balconies and frescoes. Some historians attribute the myth of Atlantis to the eruption of Thera and the Minoans’ decline, perfect for the category of a top seven wonder of Greece.

5. The Parthenon

Parthenon of Athens photo - Life Beyond Borders
Parthenon of Athens

One of the most iconic ancient structures in the world, the Parthenon in Greece’s capital city – Athens –  is a temple to the Goddess Athena. It’s famous for its highly advanced architectural features including the curvature of the top step and the slight inward lean of the columns to protect the structure against weather and earthquakes.

6. The Temple of Hephaestus

Perhaps fittingly, the most well-preserved of the Greek temples is the one dedicated to Hephaestus, God of craftsmanship (and metalworking). Located near the Parthenon in Athens and designed by Ictinus, who also worked on the Parthenon, the temple contained foundries and metalworking facilities.

7. Temple of Olympian Zeus

Temple of Olympian Zeus photo. Life Beyond Borders
Photo by zoonabar

Only a few columns remain of this ruined structure in Athens, but you can easily see that the original was enormous. Over 600 years in the making, the Olympian (as it is also known) was not actually completed until the Roman Emperor Hadrian was in power. It was to be the greatest structure in the world, but it only survived little longer than a century.

There are also other famous landmarks in Greece to check out.

Do you have a favourite Greek ruin that you feel should be on the list of top seven wonders of Greece? Mine is a whole island: Delos – an historical site like no other. Leave a comment below.

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Seven ancient wonders of Greece
Seven ancient wonders of Greece. Image by “Temple of Olympian Zeus (Olympieion) (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Navin75


  1. Great article! The ruins of the temple of Olympian Zeus is breathtaking and Epidaurus is really worth visiting… Don’t miss a chance to see them!

  2. The palace of knossos, is miraculously well preserved after more than 3000 years! If you go for vacations in Crete, you must pay a visit! Photos of the palace will make you want to walk around the archaeological site!