S is for Skopelos


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I wrote a post here about this “Mamma Mia” Greek island in the Western Aegean sea.  Do check it out, it has a lot of lovely, pretty pictures with information about how to get there as well as where to stay.  It’s a beautiful place, quieter than neighbouring Skiathos and on a par with Alonissos, another beautiful island.

So, here are a selection of photos from this beautiful island, where “Mamma Mia” was filmed. Enjoy!

It's a very green island, is Skopelos
It’s a very green island, is Skopelos


The "Mamma-Mia" wedding church in the distance
The “Mamma-Mia” wedding church in the distance – Skopelos


The beauty & colours literally took my breath away
The beauty & colours literally took my breath away in Skopelos



There are no words...
There are no words…peacefulness of Skopelos

And then, as I left on an early morning ferry, the sunrise made my heart break.  I cried when I saw this


I was weeping at the beauty.
I was weeping at the beauty.  Leaving Skopelos

THIS is what makes me love Greece.

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  1. Hi just dropped in from the A – Z challenge. It has been a long time since I was in Skopelos. Your photos brought back some nice memories. Greece certainly is a wonderful place, you are lucky to be living there.

  2. I try never to write about heavy topics, for to do them well you almost always have to become tedious, and today’s burning issue is tomorrow’s boredom. When I returned from Brasil I wrote several pieces of what I thought high journalism: about agrarian reform, the Church in Brasil and the economics of favelas. Even today, I still think them quite sound and perceptive, but I must admit they are tedious and with each passing year more dated.

    It is better for your soul and more considerate of your readers to write about beautiful and timeless things.

  3. Visiting from A to Z.
    I enjoy reading blogs written by people who live in countries that are not their native soil. The insights into a different culture are always fascinating.
    Since I’ve not had the opportunity to travel much, I must travel vicariously.

  4. Yes, getting the truth out there is mighty relevant, and yes, Skopelos is absolutely gorgeous.
    I’m glad I can offer ‘armchair travellers’ the opportunity for a glimpse into the fascinating world of Greece and the Greeks. It truly is a beautiful country and nation of people.

  5. This is really a “Mamma Mia” island – gorgeous photos! What a beautiful sunrise you managed to capture – my sun always ends up looking like a pancake in the photos, and not so nice and round. I like your hair – I still wear mine that short (OK, honestly, it’s even shorter :).

  6. Thanks :0) I love the Greek islands – and this one is one of my favourites.
    I did cringe though: when I got to the remote (very remote) area of the church where they filmed the wedding scene, another bunch of tourists were there and one woman said
    “I thought there’d be a stand here selling t-shirts and cups with ‘Mamma Mia’ on. I’m so disappointed.”


    And my hair is much longer now – I prefer it longer.

  7. That island is amazing! I feel the same way whenever I leave Denali park. The beauty is just overwhelming and I don’t know how I can possibly take it all in.

  8. Yes! It’s great because even in season, it’s not hugely busy, which is good. And it’s always interesting to see where films are shot.

  9. You can either fly to Skiathos and get a ferry to Skopelos, or a coach from Athens to Agios Konstantinos on the mainland and then a ferry (about 4.5 hours or slightly less) to Skopelos.

    There are good travel agencies that run coaches from Athens to coincide with the ferry, so you can book all in one.

    Easy to hire a car or moped when on the island

  10. Great sunrise shot. For a second there I thought I was back on the ship in Alaska. Granted Alaska is a far cry from Greece but the way the light hits the glassy waters at sunrise, it’s always a beautiful moment.

    Is Skopelos an easy island to get to? How about getting around on the island?