T is for Tavli

Tavli board

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I think you’ll understand that I love this country, feel very passionate about it and get defensive on Greece’s behalf, despite the fact I’m English.

One of the ongoing threads running through my posts has been about the love of culture and how much I love the Greek way of life.  One of these loves is the tradition of playing Tavli.

What’s Tavli? I hear you ask.

It’s Greek Backgammon and contrary to popular belief, it’s not just played by old men sitting in the kafenio’s twiddling their worry beads.  Young people play it too whilst sipping a cold frappe or hot cappuccino, or an ouzo.

I love watching young people do this: it for SURE beats the hell out of watching someone drink themselves into a stupor.  WHAT a nice, sociable way to pass the time.  Seems we can learn a lot from the Greeks.


Young Greeks playing tavli
Young Greeks playing tavli


  1. I have wanted to visit Greece but with the news wasn’t sure. You make it sound so wonderful! I can’t wait to have more time and go through each of your posts. I found you on Blogging A to Z.

  2. No matter the news… Greece and people there are still amazing there… I’m sure there is no reason to not go to Greece … 🙂

  3. Hi Jake & Terri,

    Always nice to find new followers, thanks.
    You might want to read my “I” post about Ignorance of the International Press. They paint a very bad picture of Greece and not at all reality. But of course, they need to sell newspapers and I guess ‘bad’ news sells better than positive, heart rendering tales.
    Hope to see you in the Land of Hospitality soon!