Malta – Gem of the Mediterranean

Malta - A Gem of an island in the Mediterranean - LifeBeyondBorders
Malta - A Gem of an island in the Mediterranean - LifeBeyondBorders

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I have pondered various times about what it is about Greece that I love and what keeps me here. Then I realised that I have always held a fondness in my heart for the less rigid, more relaxed Mediterranean way of life; the humanity of the people, the fantastic food.

And this was re-enforced when I visited Malta – a tiny southern European island country 50 miles south of Italy – for the first time when I was studying Tourism Studies at college LIGHT years ago when I was 17 years old.

A look at Malta: Where is it?

As mentioned above, Malta is a tiny gem of an island in the southern Mediterranean.  It’s only 122 sq miles – even smaller than the Greek island of Rhodes (541 sq miles) and Malta is a country in its own rights!  But this condensed little place offers the visitor so much:

  • History – the Knights of St John who ruled from 1530 to 1798 and the streets of Mdina
  • Architecture
  • Beaches
  • Colourful fishing boats
Mdina Malta - Life Beyond Borders
Mdina – Photo by Shadowgate

There’s a wonderful post here by Wanderlust Karen about how to spend 4 days in Malta: an Itinerary on things to do without a car.  In it, she describes the beautiful ‘silent city’ of Mdina and the Game of Thrones tour, visiting Valletta the capital and Marsaxlokk, the fishing village.

Marsaxlokk photo. Malta. Life Beyond Borders
Marsaxlokk Photo by sheggy 


Malta is actually not that dissimilar to Greece: both countries have the most delicious cheese pies and Rhodes island in Greece, particularly the Old Town, was also inhabited by the Knights of St John.   Both countries offer such a rich and varied history.  But it was the warmth of the climate – passed down to the warmth of its people, the long coffees, the beauty of the island…all this helped me realise the Mediterranean and the history and architecture of such countries hold an appeal for me.

Wondering what to pack for a holiday to Malta? As the climate is very similar to Greece too, check out my Greek island all round packing list to give you some ideas.

I love Malta.

I hope get the opportunity to go back and visit again one day.

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A look at Malta - a Gem of a Mediterranean Island - LifeBeyondBorders
A look at Malta – a Gem of a Mediterranean Island – LifeBeyondBorders Images © Mariamichelle,Efraimstochter and gin – all on Pixabay.

Header image photos © Efraimstochter and ginall on Pixabay.


  1. Hi,
    I was wondering if you are going to Malta again? for the campaign! Let me know!

  2. Hello Amy,

    Thanks for getting in touch. I applied as I’d love to go back and see the country that kickstarted my love affair with the Mediterranean. But I heard nothing from them :0(

  3. Thanks for commenting Ryan. Yes, it seems strange it’s a whole country on its own, and so small. There are Greek islands that are bigger!
    Malta was awarded the St George’s Cross (deservedly so) for their bravery during WWII