What IS it about Greece?


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I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately (and my head hurts) – I am in a state of flux at the moment:

How I am living in my late 30’s vs  How I feel I SHOULD be living in my late 30’s (or society feels).

I live in Greece at the moment.  The bottom line is, I am HAPPY.  No, I am not married with kids (shame on me) but I am doing a job I love, helping cats through www.ninelivesgreece.com and attempting my writing.
Am I about to wake up from this ‘ideal’ with a rude bump to earth? 

Am I really a butterfly, dreaming I’m a human?

Am I SELFISH for enjoying my life?

(blah blah blah, you get the idea).

Now then, I also got to thinking: WHY does this country – that is suffering so much economically and is corrupt from the very top – make me happy?  It can’t just be a weather thing (although this DOES help). 

  • Is it the fact that I have made more friendships here in my 2 years than I have in my lifetime in the UK?  And WHY is that?
  • How come a country that is so corrupt attracts so many people to want to up sticks and move here  – for Greek people who’ve left to eventually end up back here?

In short: What is it about Greece???!!

Answer in the Comments section please.

Conc: Or maybe I should just shut up and appreciate what I’ve got and stop thinking about it too much – the thing is, one day I’ll wake up and it’ll be 22 years later.


  1. Oh come on now! I’m feeling homesick! After soooo many years there I can’t answer that question myself. Yes, I may complaint a lot, but God forbid someone ELSE says something negative about it! That something that Greece has is magical and it cannot be described. So, might as well accept it and enjoy it.

  2. Very Interesting topic here. I would love to share some input. I am an American, who lived in Greece for almost 3 years and foolishly left the country. I am married to a Greek who currently is scared out of his pants to go back, but I am Finding any possible way to get back, despite all he reads and hears about the economy.

    Living in Greece was an eye opening experience that has forever changed me. Only problem is that I learned that a little too late. I came running home to work for a little while to earn a few extra bucks whilst we were both unemployed and living in Corfu. Unfortunately what I thought would be 6 months or so has turned into 2 years and counting and I am desperate to get back to the simple life.

    I think for me, Greece is a way of life. I have had FAR less money, clothes, materials but life was so much more quality. The same things we say we hate about the place are the same things we love about it. The relaxed way of sipping a frappe at any time of the day and spending 2-3 hours doing so. I enjoyed my life to the fullest. I was purely and truly happy. You are right in saying it is hard to explain. For me it was the simple things. The rides to Sounio.. the trips to the mountains. The joy of walking to the bakery to get a fresh bread, the fruit markets. But obviously, here in America, the food is crap and my body is Screaming for fresh uncontaminated and unadultered fresh fruits and veg. I have never tasted a tomato in my life until I tasted one in Greece. Purely simplistic and noncomparable. I miss the sounds and smells. Believe me, there are many people out there who have had this feeling. I have met a study abroad student who was so moved by her semester abroad that she too is in love with Greece.

    If I could manage to find a job in Greece.. I would move back now.. no questions asked. I miss the friends I have made dearly. Anyways, enjoy yourself and your life. We are about the same age.. 30s and no kids in tow. I can relate to you and the way feel. You don’t have to follow the norm, which says by now we should have kids and all.. but just keep following what makes you happy cos thats what life is all about! 🙂

  3. Really pleased to be getting positive feedback about this particular post so far :0)
    It shows that when I (eventually) finish my book, then it should be received ok (as the book touches on this theme).
    And it’s good that people seem touched by this topic…the underlying message that I’ve picked up so far is that it’s the SIMPLICITY that attracts people.
    Keep those comments coming please – I’m glad I have been able to reach out to people in this way.

  4. I feel completely enchanted and embraced by Greece. Having only spent a week there (landed back in San Francisco exactly 3 weeks ago), I am planning to move there in less than a year, or sooner, if possible. You are right, while living in the US has its financial benefits, it does not even begin to compare when it comes to the deep vein of cultivation that pulses through the Greek society and lifestyle in general. And the food…? Pure awesomeness. Jennifer – I hope you get to return. And soon. In the meantime, Bex, you are invited to come to the west coast and stay with me, should you desire to see Northern Cali or even venture up to Seattle.

  5. I am very much looking forward to visiting the west coast – particularly Seattle – one day. Thanks for your thoughts Ewa.