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Fishing boat with nets

It’s hot, still, in Athens – 32 degrees C today.  As I don’t start teaching till next week (Monday), I thought I’d take myself off somewhere again.  But I didn’t want to spend a fortune on ferry tickets and I also wanted to return to Athens the same day as I have a new little cat to look after (more about him in a seperate post).

And so, liking the concept of just turning up and seeing where the ferry took me:
I decided to hop on a bus instead.  Decked out with beach gear, I turn up at the nearest bus station (more a gathering of buses out on the street).  I go to the first bus:

“Are you going to the beach?”

Bus driver:  “Where you want to go?”

Me: “The beach”

Bus Driver: “I’m going to Oropos”

Me: “Is there a beach there?”

Bus Driver (looking a bit impatient now): “Nai Kirya (yes, lady)”

Gorgeous views from the bus

So I get on this bus – having no idea where this ‘Oropos’ place is.  But I settle back into my seat and get an even more pleasant suprise when the conductor charges me 4Euros and 80C!  Blimey, that’s cheap.  I think I might come to this ‘Oropos’ again.

And I am rewarded for my spontaneity – the journey is beautiful as the bus meanders out of the city smog –  all the worse for the heat – and into pine clad hills and small villages until an hour later, we wind our way down the road to the coastal town of Oropos.  You can catch a ferry here to Evia, the largest of the Greek Islands as Oropos is apparently situated directly opposite it.

Old men drinking their coffees

Such is that I spend a delightfully restful 5 hours swimming, watching the car ferries shuttle to and fro between the mainland and Evia, old men drinking their coffees and families all playing in the sand.
I return to Athens late afternoon and head home for a shower and a snooze.  Being only an hour away, I think I’ll do this again.

Lovely beach

Ah, what a way to spend the day.

Pretty harbour