Total Mud Therapy treatment – Thermae Spa Hotel


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Followers of my site will know that we recently celebrated one year of the creation of Travel Bloggers Greece – and we did so during a relaxing weekend at Thermae Sylla Spa hotel in Evia, Greece, listed as one of the top 10 spas in the world.  I wrote about it here. The treatments on offer at the Spa are either for Wellness and Relaxation, or Therapeutic. The treatment I decided to have whilst there was a Total Mud Therapy.

Total Mud Therapy

It’s a slightly strange treatment and is unique only to Greece – meaning you’ll not find another treatment like it. The mud is imported from Italy and is stored for 6 months where the thermal waters wash over it and infuse the mud with their therapeutic qualities.  As the quality of the thermal waters is within the top 3 in the world, you can imagine how soft the mud feels.  The treatment itself is good for the back, neck and skin – and trust me, by the time I’d finished, my skin did look different – it was glowing.

As the hotel states:

…this treatment is ideal to reduce rheumatic and arthritic pain. It alleviates aches, improves mobility and improves circulation in joints and muscles. The mineral-rich mud also boosts beauty and detoxifies. Source.

Total Mud Therapy at Thermae Sylla Spa
Total Mud Therapy at Thermae Sylla Spa

The mud is pumped from the pipe onto the plastic sheet that covers the bed, and you lie in it, literally.  You are naked except for some disposable pants, and your hair is in a cap.

The therapist encases you – mummy like – in the mud and plastic sheet, turns down the lights and music and leave you for about twenty minutes to wallow in the warmth.

At first I felt a little like a pig, you know – wallowing in the warm mud. I tried to stifle my giggles at the slight ridiculousness of my situation,  But then I felt a little claustrophobic as I was literally encased in it and couldn’t really move.  But once I relaxed, it was quite warming and comforting.  Quite womb like, in fact.

After about 20 mins the therapist came back, helped me stand up and I was lead to a shower cubicle in the same room and showered the mud completely off (THAT wasn’t easy – but the shower had jets from all directions to help.  And then a thermal bath was run for me.  I stepped into the warm waters and allowed the massage jets to pummel me for a good 10 minutes.

Once this was completed, I dried off and allowed myself to be led to the massage room, where I had a good half and hour to 45 minute therapeutic massage.  And boy did I sleep well that night!  Check their site for prices.


As well as offering two spa pools and various treatments, Thermae Sylla Spa also offers Hammam’s of various temperatures – one with a eucalyptus tree inside, so you can imagine how wonderful that smells.

Hammam at the Thermae Sylla Spa
Hammam at the Thermae Sylla Spa

I’d highly recommend Evia and the spa town of Edipsos for a winter break.  The treatments on offer were varied and many – and being able to swim in the outdoor pool in the warm thermal waters and sea water felt amazing, as the wind howled around you.

Don’t just think of Greece as beach destination – give it a go.  Suitable for couples, romantic break, even solo travellers who want to get away from it all and rejuvenate.

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  1. I did a spa mud treatment once in Calistoga, California although a bit different as it wasn’t individually wrapped – it was a bit vat/bath and you got in an were suspended – it was weird but felt good after like you to wash it off and get a massage. The bad part was my friend who last minute chickened out said I smelled like peat moss the rest of the day as we road tripped back to San Francisco. I’d love to try this again and especially in Greece – adding this spa to my list now!

  2. Oh no Sue! I can imagine it must have been a little ‘pongy’. No, this was different and didn’t smell at all. And this particular spa is one of the top ten in the world – and as the whole town is a spa, they even have hot water pumping into the sea so in the spring (or calmer weather in the winter, if you feel brave), you can sit in warmth in the sea too!
    I would really recommend it and I do hope you get to come here. Look me up if you do!

  3. I’ve heard of those mud treatments – it sounds like an amazing experience, and I’m not surprised you slept well that night. Reading your account, I was half tempted to book a trip straight away!

  4. Can’t wait to read your blog. Greece is on my bucket list. No trip planned yet but thinking about it for my 60th bday in a few years. I adore spas too so would love to experience a mud treatment.

  5. I think you’d love it Judy. It’s very relaxing and yes, Greece is a beautiful place, regardless of the season.

  6. I must admit I haven’t had an urge to be bathed in mud but my husband tried it once in northern California. He had mud in places! I would be quite content to lie by that gorgeous pool with a cold refreshing drink.

  7. This looks like it would be so much fun! Okay, maybe a little weird at first,, but still awesome. I love discovering spa treatments that are just a little bit different when I travel