It’s the little things…


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…that make me love this country. 
For example: I went to the Post Office today to pay an electricity bill.  They have one of those special machine thingys that you can put the bill in and pay your cash through the machine, saves you waiting for a Teller.

So, I am happily feeding in my cash, when I realise that they charge 70c extra to do this.  And I am short by 50c.  But no worries!  The manager of this particular post office always seems to be on hand around this machine (maybe because a lot of the old people get confused by it)…and he sees I’m short, and digs his hand into his pocket to pay the rest for me!!!!

This actually happened a while back too – at the same post office from the same man, when I was sending a letter to the UK.  I weighed the letter, only to find that time I was 1 Euro short. 

“Den Pirazi!” exclaims previously mentioned manager as I start to tell him I’ll come back tomorrow and buy the stamp instead.  He fixes me with a ” Oh Purleeeeeese” look and yes, you’ve guessed it, comes up with the 1 Euro.

I’d better not make a habit of it though – but it’s just another small example of the humanity offered here – don’t get me wrong, there’s plenty to be frustrated with too, but it’s nice to share the good examples.

BTW: make sure you check out my blog throughout April.  I will be entering the Blogging from A-Z 2012 Challenge and each day (except Sunday’s) will have a different theme, from A-Z.