First days on the job (and nearly getting knocked down by Parliament guards)


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Yes, it’s true – I nearly got knocked over by these lovely gentlemen (in bobbly shoes – did you know it’s possible to buy slippers here with bobbles on them, in case you want to remain nationalistic within your own home).
Anyway, I digress:  I am walking to work – which involves walking around Parliament and I LOVE it, it’s really a nice part of my day, to get to have a nice view every day.  So I have my headphones on, trying to work out my iPhone and have my head down, walking along…who should be walking towards me?  These two chaps (or not EXACTLY these two, but they all look the same in their skirts and shoes) are walking DIRECTLY towards me, in formation, not blinking, making eye contact or anything! 

I am impressed by their stony faces, but also slightly worried.  It was bl**dy lucky there was a pause in the song I was playing and I happened to hear a stomp, look up when I did and see them nearly on top of me!
“Signomi!” I stammer (“Excuse me”, and please excuse the bad spelling) and hop out of the way (as much as my wedge sandals will let me hop), nearly falling over in the process.  That would’ve topped it all off if I did – I wonder if they’d be allowed to assist me?  hmmmmm…they certainly can’t make any facial expressions.

I’m sure they found it funny and I guess they’ve had it happen before (hapless foreigner who should be looking where she’s going, not playing with iPhone and nearly bumping straight into them as they patrol the Parliament building). But as I say, they aren’t allowed to react to ANYTHING. 
So work: going well so far – kids class is quite quiet, adults today a nice mix and it’ll be a challenge, which is a good thing.  Let’s hope work continues this way. 
“Winter of Discontent” on its way:  already took a long time to come home from work tonight due to people camping out and demonstrating about something, so roads cordoned off.    More strikes to follow I fear
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