Too hot in Athens? Then head to Pireaus port, see where you end up…


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And I ended up in Poros (not PAROS, POROS).
Poros is an island in the Saronic group of Greek Islands, about 58km’s from Athens, therefore not very far.
You can choose 2 ways to travel: by high speed catamaran or by ‘slow boat.’ Personally, I prefer the latter as I have experienced the former on another trip (to another Saronic Island, Spetses – see past Experience) and was violently sick! Yes, it IS quicker (by about 1hr 15mins) – but to me, the journey is all part of the holiday, not just the destination.
I was intending to merely find accommodation when I got there, but I was lucky: a crew member saunters up to me and explains he runs a small place with 7 rooms to let. We agreed a price of…
25EUROS a night, and I was set!
The journey by ‘slow boat’ took about 3 hrs – but as I say, I got to enjoy the scenery on deck (because the catamaran travels at such speed, you have to stay inside) and generally while away the time.

Poros is a pine clad island and the 3 nights/4 days I spent there were very peaceful indeed: hopping on the local bus to take me to the beach – in fact, the bus driver got used to seeing me and in the end, stopped charging me the 2 euro fare! The beaches are clean, a little stony but buying shoes to wear in the water helps overcome this (heck, I’m in my 30’s, I no longer care what I look like in the water!).

There IS nightlife in Poros Town, but personally I was in bed by 10 every night after rising at 8 every morning, having breakfast by the quayside and spending all day in the shade of a pine tree, swimming and reading.

What more could you want from a short break?


  1. Very nice! I have been to Poros and it IS a great get away and under appreciated!

    Love the comment on not caring what you look like now in your 30s!! From this point on, it’s all about being comfortable!!

  2. I love that it’s underappreciated! No screaming tourists wanting to get drunk and puke in the streets! I loved the quietness, the gentle sea breeze (WELL needed!) and the generous people.

  3. The beach at Kompong Som in Cambodia used to be relaxing and laid back, but in the past decade has gotten crowded and touristy. When I was scuba diving off a live-aboard in the Andaman Sea we stopped at one island that had some very basic accomodations for a couple dozen people at a time–that place seemed VERY relaxing, slow-paced, beautiful, and restful. The jungle trails in Malaysia’s Cameron Highlands; the trail from Muktinath to Nayapul in Nepal’s Himalaya; some lesser-hiked paths in New Hampshire’s White Mountains…. Thanx for your description of Poros, and the way it evoked memories of some other enjoyable places.