The Grass is always greener…not in my case!


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A couple of posts ago, I was claiming how I couldn’t wait to return ‘home.’  I cited bad grey weather in the UK over Christmas – not only that, but rain too.

Well, sometimes there’s a “grass is always greener” syndrome…ie: I would get back to Greece/Athens and then think “Wait!  I wish I was back in the UK!”  Invariably this would be prompted because of a:
1) strike
2) people shouting at each other in the trolley
or really, let’s face it in these times – just about anything!

No, I can honestly say I am on the greener side of the grass (for the moment, let’s not jinx myself).  The above IS happening, and with increasing frequency, especially number 2 – but within 24 hrs of my arrival back ‘home’ I had had a LUSH home cooked meal with my 2 friends, coffee with another and borne witness to a HUGE row on the trolley bus – more menacing than usual and nearly ending in fisticuffs.

I feel for what’s happening here – I really do.  I just wonder how long we’re all supposed to cope like this.  But at the same time, there’s that weird juxtaposition in me that loves the people here, how ready individuals are to open themselves up, open their homes up.  Remember, I always did say it was Greece as a WHOLE that was an issue, not Greeks individually.

Love you Greece – may you never loose you spirit, no matter HOW hard ‘they’re’ trying to break it.


  1. Ahhh – Monsieur Jackson, you found me!!! Thanks – glad you liked this. I hope I haven’t p*ssed off the nationalists ;0) And besides, I may be eating my words soon – let’s see…tomorrow is another day xxxx

  2. Ahhhhh Beccy, you say it so well! No matter what happens tomorrow, it could never take that hospitality and warmth that Greeks have. Let’s not even go into how blessed the country is with its beauty. Have you seen my video posts?! Soooo homesick!

    • This is great! So far the feedback seems to be that I hit the nail on the head (not just this post, but other posts/musings too). Thank you everyone…like I say, you might not necessarily agree with what I say, but I write as I find and as I see things.
      Maybe Greece’s warmth and hospitality, her ability to take people into her bosom and nurture them is why so many of the diaspora return. Sonia, I hope you’ll be one of the returning diaspora soon – we miss your sunny presence (and cupcakes!)

  3. Finally! A post by someone who appreciates the other side to living in Greece.. As crazy as people think we are to coming to live here, with great difficulty would i give up what Greece and the Greek people have to offer to a simple person’s everyday existence. Id just like to say Thank You for believing in the Greek people, for loving the Greek spirit and appreciating that Greece is more than just the ‘crisis’ that it is going through at the moment…


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