Coco-Mat Hotel Nafsika in Kifissia, Athens


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I was very lucky this Saturday 5th October!I had the pleasure of being offered one night free by Coco-Mat in Kifissia, a rather swanky Northern suburb in Athens. Coco-Mat was established in 1989 here in Greece…if you’ve not heard of them, they’re Award-Winning makers of quality mattresses, pillows sleep products, towels & furniture. They have stores around Greece and various places in Europe, the Middle East, the U.S.A.and Asia including France, Spain, The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Saudi Arabia, New York, China & South Korea.

The Coco-Mat concept of wellbeing for all by creating a truly restful night’s sleep has migrated into the company opening a series of Hotels and Resorts around Europe. And I spent the night in their Nafsika Hotel, Kifissia, Athens. Only opened for a year and a half, what awaited me? How was the experience? What’s all this fuss about pillows and beds?

The company has a simple philosophy: to make your stay feel as if you’re at home. And I have to say, they’ve created an ambiance that certainly reflects this. From the moment you step through the front door, the open plan ‘reception’ / relaxation area / restaurant plays its role.   Cleverly there is a lot of light, open space and an open kitchen. The ability to see through the glass into the kitchen area goes one step further into ensuring a homely atmosphere.

Open plan
Open plan reception – Coco-Mat Hotel – Nafsika

They go further by providing you with their top quality mattresses and pillows. And believe me, I slept like a baby.

Sleep is vital to wellbeing

Slept like a baby
Slept like a baby – bedroom – Coco-Mat Hotel Nafsika

I usually sleep very well, but didn’t realise how much better I could sleep until I slept on a Coco-Mat bed and pillows.  After a delicious dinner of spinach risotto, I had a lovely long, hot shower in the monsoon style bathroom, then crawled into bed for some cable TV (another little luxury for me).  An hour later I was fast asleep, head nestled into the goose down pillow, body firmly moulded into the gorgeous mattress.  I awoke rejuvenated (not quite jumping out of bed)—and ready for breakfast.

Open plan kitchen
Open plan kitchen in Coco-Mat Nafsika Hotel

Muesli, fresh orange juice and a buffet selection of cheeses, home-made bread, halva and cheese pies awaited me. I could have had fresh coffee and a range of teas too.

Other hotels

I would jump at the chance to stay in another Coco-Mat Hotel.  In Greece they offer locations in Athens, Serifos, Halkidiki, Karpenisi, Korinthia, Karitsa Larisas, Alonissos, Milos and Karpenisi as well as a the sailing boat ANEMOLIA which provides exceptional cruising holidays in the Sporades and North Aegean Islands (yes please!). COCO-MAT Hotel Nafsika in Kifissia, Athens (where I stayed) is perfect for business and pleasure alike. If I’d wanted to explore Kifissia more closely, I could have done so by borrowing one of their bicycles (unfortunately I don’t trust myself not to fall off into the path of an approaching car, otherwise I would have done).
Rates at the Hotel Nafsika in Kifissia, Athens start at 115 Euros per room per night for a Double, rising to 150 Euros per night for the Suite.   Whether you’re coming to Athens (or Greece) for business or pleasure, I’d highly recommend Coco-Mat Hotels for their ambiance, healthy food and, of course, a guaranteed peaceful night’s sleep.

Thanks for hosting me! See you in another hotel sometime.

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