Spa treatments in Aidipsos, Evia and Athens


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I took myself off to the Northern Evia spa town of Aidipsos for a two night stay on my birthday in 2012. I wrote about my stay at the Knossos-Spa Hotel and the relaxing spa treatments I had in a post for the Greek Tourist Board here.

Sun adds a touch of magic on the sea at Aidipsos - Northern Evia
Sun adds a touch of magic on the sea
at Aidipsos – Northern Evia
All closed up for winter
All closed up for winter

Aidipsos is in Northern Evia…although ghost town quiet in the winter, it’s different and rather romantic, if not dramatic!

Run down pier that looks kind of spooky
Run down pier that looks not dissimilar to those found in the UK

Olive Tree Spa - Athens

Olive Tree Spa – Athens

One weekend of relaxing massages and seaweed scrubs wasn’t enough for me, so I researched and contacted the Olive Tree Spa in Athens for a Reflexology treatment and facial the following week.

Situated two streets behind The Hilton Hotel, it was centrally located and easy to find.

Welcoming green tea and warm face cloth
Welcoming green tea and warm face cloth

I was warmly greeted by the Receptionist and presented with green tea, a warm facial cloth and water as well as given slippers to wear.

What a nice respite from the cold, rainy weather outside! I gladly slipped into my bathrobe in my room, lay on the bed and let the music flow over me whilst my therapist spent one and a half hours on my feet and lower legs: massaging pressure points and generally making me feel fab.

Next came the facial and half an hour of different scrubs, peels and warm facial cloths, I exited my lovely treatment room glowing and walking on air!

I will certainly be going back again as the ambiance offered was fabulous: low key yet friendly and relaxing.

The Olive Tree Spa is open seven days a week from 11am to 9pm and offers all manner of spa treatment services.  If you’re in Athens for any length of time, do make sure you visit.


  1. I went only once for a SPA treatment (actually it was an entire spa weekend in Slovenia). I loved the treatment, but for my taste the whole SPA weekend was a bit too much (too slow, too relaxed :-). What kind of products do they use at Olive Tree Spa – something local, natural and olive-based or? Lovely photos. Love that pier! Thanks so much for linking up to the #SundayTraveler.

  2. Yes, I think a whole weekend would be too much. I spent time in a hotel my weekend in Edipsos and then had the occasional treatment, interspersed with exploring the area.
    Olive Tree Spa in Athens is great. They use local products and I treat myself once a month to a Reflexology session.

  3. Wow – that sounds amazing! Everyone needs a bit of pampering now and then, and it sounds like they really know what they’re doing….:)

  4. Thanks for all the comments. Yes, I now try to go to Olive Tree Spa ever 1.5 months to treat myself to a Reflexology. And Ediposos in the springtime will be lovely I am sure! A bit spooky at winter.