Where do you think you are – Beverly Hills??


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Just a quick one – it might brighten some one’s day (it did mine, and the security guard who witnessed it).
So, I am leaving work last night – I work in quite a rich part of Athens (alas people, I cannot tell you where – *sigh* – there are some very weird people on the internet who think it is OK, after several years of no contact with you, to suddenly try to re-surface in your life – so naturally it is unwise to divulge one’s location too much on our blessed (and cursed at the same time) WWW).
Anyway, back to my point:  I am leaving work – our lovely security guard nudges me and is clearly tickled pink by something:

“Eh” he starts (that’s very Greek that, BTW).  Where was I?  Oh yes:
“Eh – so I am standing here, looking at a man who is an asshole in a Porshe Carrera – it is one of the last Porshe’s ever to be made, I could tell by the number plate!” security guard man is grinning/regaling excitedly.
“Up comes a homeless man and leans into the drivers side open window and says to him”

“”Eh malaka – this is Athens, a country going down the sh*thole – where do you think you are, Beverly Hills?  Why do you look like a pr*ck driving round like this?  You’re not in Los Angeles you know.””

The security guard was in fits telling me this – in fact, so impressed was he by this that he went out and bought the homeless guy a coffee and gave him a cigarette.  Said pr*ck in the porshe apparently had no idea how to handle this and was staring open mouthed at homeless man.

I think it sounded funnier in Greek actually – some things we can translate and we can imagine them to be funny in our own language, but in Greek/the native language, they are even funnier.

And yes, lesson for all those of you with Porche’s – remember, other men aren’t jealous of you that you have one (it’s sooooooooo 1980’s) – and women just think you have a small pen*s.


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