“J” is for Just Do It

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Sorry to steal Nike’s slogan, but today’s post is about combating your fears and going ahead and ‘just doing it.’

It takes a lot to go out of our comfort zone, to move away from the status quo.

My initial foray into Greek life was a small mountainous village in the middle of nowhere to teach English (this is the main focus of my book – WHEN it eventually gets written!).  Was I afraid when I was packing my bags in the UK?  You bet!

As I was cramming my bag not only with my clothes, but jars of Branston Pickle and bottles of Robinson’s Orange Barley Water and ‘proper’ tea bags, I remember reflecting that I am a woman, in her early 30’s and SURELY I should be married with kids by now…living the life society expected of me.  But one thing’s for sure, I’ve never done what’s been consciously or unconsciously expected of me and that ‘Just do it!’ attitude has not failed me yet.   I LOVE this country and all the adventures I seem to have here.
Of course, this is easier if you only have yourself to think of – but you too can ‘Just Do It!’
It doesn’t have to involve packing your bags and moving across the country or even out of your country totally…what about that novel you’ve always promised yourself you’d write, or that cupcake shop you wanted to open?  I’m not suggesting leap into the deep end/unknown without thought to consequences: do your research, then “Just Do It!”


  1. Glad I can offer some inspiration – thanks – and thanks to Nike for the idea!
    I have fiddled with the settings on my blog, emailed them for help to no avail, so I can only apologise you’re not getting any updates and rest assured that I AM posting daily.

    Good luck with the Challenge!

  2. I completely agree….as I am also someone who ‘just did it’!! I give this advice to people often. Great post once again! 🙂

    Καλο Πασχα!!!

  3. I’m glad you’re liking my posts, Susan. Who ARE you?? Do you have a blog we can follow? There’s not a lot of info on your profile…would be great to follow a blog if you have one and get to know more about my fans.

  4. Great post. It is easier to say it to someone else (and mean it) than to “Just Do It” myself. Ha

    When I see change coming, I change my address, run away or morph into a tree. Instead we should embrace change and do whatever it is. In doing things out of our comfort zone, we grow. I promise.


  5. I began to do a lot of “Just do it” things after I got married– somehow having ticked that particular check-box left me free to go chase my dreams..

    Looking forward to your challenge posts.

    –Damyanti, Co-host A to Z Challenge April 2012

    Twitter: @AprilA2Z

  6. There! I’ve managed to follow you! Ah – this post is just what I need! I know you understand that combination of fear and excitement I have now = I am really a chicken, but then I do stuff and am glad I did. I think, though, that I might like to do what YOU have done – Greece sounds just amazing and the life there – how wonderful that must be.

  7. Thanks Melissia – it seems a lot of A-Z Bloggers have also taken the bull by the horns in some way and are ‘Just Doing It!”

    Good luck – whatever your ‘It’ may be.
    And yes, Greece is one big adventure.


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