I love the things that happen to me here (sometimes):


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Oh I LOVE this country sometimes! Situation:
Me in Lidl, only 4 items.
Old man behind me, whole trolley load.
Old man in front of me, 10 items.
The man with the trolley taps the old man in front of me on the shoulder, tells him to ‘Let the copela (girl) go before you, she’s only got 4 items.’
Other old man retorts: “Eh, I’ve got 10 items, so what?!”
Old man behind me (let’s refer to him as ‘Trolley old man’) says that the old man in front (hereafter referred to as “Eh, so what?” old man) really should be showing the ‘copela’ some respect and I should go first.
I am trying to say “It’s OK, it’s OK” (in Greek) but it’s getting really heated – ‘Trolley old man’ is shouting now.
‘Eh, so what?’ old man continues along the lines of (from what little I could understand):
“Copela has 4 items, I have 10, another copela has 3, what should I do? Let everyone go in front?  You want me to sleep here tonight malaka?”
“Trolley old man” gets very upset that he’s been called a ‘malaka’ and makes to move in front of me to get physical with “Eh, so what?” old man.
I am still in the middle of these two, trying to make my point that I really DO NOT MIND WAITING!

Upshot: security guard comes along to split the two old men up and I (nearly) get removed from Lidl for creating a problem…I NEVER WANTED TO GO IN FRONT OF “EH, SO WHAT?” OLD MAN IN THE FIRST PLACE!
I got round it by eventually apologising profusely to security guard, thanking “Trolley old man” profusely and trying to ignore the glares from “Eh, so what?” old man – like the whole thing’s my fault?!

I’m telling you:  living abroad affords the opportunity for good writing material
In the end – I didn’t go first, but the old man behind me kept apologising for the man in front.  The man in front, meanwhile, is glaring at me like it’s my fault!


  1. Love your blog!!! I have read your other posts and you should really consider publishing it!! I’m a New Yorker living for way too long here and I soooo can relate to this! I have posted this blog on my FB page Sonia Sweets and on my Blog. Really, really love it! Keep them coming!!!


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