“I” is for Ignorance of the International Press


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I get quite defensive on behalf of my adopted country.  The International Press – even ‘quality’ broadsheets like the Guardian have gone to town on her ( Greece) and vilified her with reckless abandon.

“It’s all the Greeks fault!” are the sort of headlines that can be seen screamed across pages.

“At it again!  Those rioting mobsters’”

are the insinuations of others (note these are not taken DIRECTLY, they are the insinuations of the papers).  And with pictures like these, who can blame people for being afraid to come to Athens, if not Greece as a whole?


greece riots photo
Photo by Eric Vernier


Trust me, this doesn’t happen all the time. Don’t forget the nice side of Athens & Greece:

Changing of the guard
Changing of the guard in Athens


Local street market
Local street market
Southern Beaches in Athens at sunset
Southern Beaches in Athens at sunset
I’m penning this on Crete at the moment and have chatted to my guesthouse owner who says bookings are down from German tourists this year – and yet I also happen to have a lovely German lady and her sweet little daughter in the apartment opposite me and we struck up a conversaton:

Me: “Were you afraid to take your holiday in Greece/Crete this year?”

Her (giving me a confused look): “No, why should I be?”

There you go then!  Clearly an intelligent woman who doesn’t pay attention to the smear campaign currently against Greece and the one that alludes to the fact that “Greeks will eat German tourists up for dinner!”  Let me tell you something: they’re p*ssed off at the German Government, NOT at the public and the Greeks are intelligent enough to know not everyone is tarred with the same brush.

I eluded to the fact you shouldn’t be afraid to visit Greece in my “A” post here.  So be careful what you read and believe – and GIVE GREECE A CHANCE.


  1. oooh I’d like to visit Greece.

    I’ve been thinking about ignorance lately. I’m convinced that some people choose to remain ignorant. 🙂

    Thanks for visiting my grim stories.


  2. Well, there’ll be a guide to show you around Greece if/WHEN you come! I believe travel and direct experience of other cultures helps rid people of ignorance (is it true not many people in the U.S have passports?)

  3. Bex: It’s true that many Americans don’t have passports. The country is so vast that you can travel thousands of miles and never need one, and you don’t need one for Canada or Mexico. It’s not surprising that Europeans, who may find themselves crossing borders if they go a few hundred miles, will be more apt to have travel papers. (It’s similar to the reason Americans don’t learn a foreign language: they can travel thousands of miles and everyone will still be speaking English.)

    With the advent of the internet, the fossil media is rapidly and deservedly losing credibility. While there are no quality controls on the web, there are enough voices — like your own — that we can get a lot closer to the truth than we used to.

    The only thing I read the New York Times for is the crossword.

  4. I’m sure not ALL media is negative, and let’s be honest, blogs are very subjective. But it just angers me that I see so much vitriol directed at Greece and it’s unfounded most of the time. It’s nice to see that people are willing to be open minded.


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