“D” is for “Duh!”

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OK, it’s one minute past midnight in my neck of the woods, so here’s “D’s” posting:

Why ‘duh’?  Well, a lot of people comment to me “Duh!  You’re from England, and you choose to be in GREECE?” (you’d have to have been living in a cave for the last year or so to not hear what’s been going on in Greece).
To which I reply “Duh!  Live in England compared to Greece?” i.e. for me, there IS no comparison.
Yes, Greece frustrates me just as much as draws me in, but as my posts will hopefully show throughout this challenge (and any of my other posts), you’ll see Greece has a way of enduring the person to her: the quality of life and most of all, the SUNSHINE all contribute to making this a better way of life overall, despite her issues.
Also the fact that youngsters on a Friday or Saturday night don’t go and get rip roaring drunk for the hell of it.
Maybe that’s why other countries are jealous of Greece.
Stay tuned to this A-Z Challenge as I hope to write more about the culture of Greece and her people.
Thanks for following so far.


  1. Hi, Bex, and thanks for visiting my blog yesterday (It’s still your yesterday here today… if you know what I mean). Anyway I love your blog and I’m so glad to find it..I love reading other expats blogs so I will definitely subscribe. I agree, there is no ‘duh’ about choosing Greece over..well, almost anywhere, I was there right out of high school and I fell in love with the country and the people. I checked out your post about churches, too. Lovely photographs!

  2. Thanks for the positive words.
    Yes, living in Greece bears no comparison whatsoever to living in the UK. There are positives and negatives to both, but if you learn to roll with the punches and chill out, Greece can be a beautiful country to live.
    Good luck with the Challenge!

  3. Yes, there’s architecture and history APLENTY here – and this is fascinating as well.
    It’s also good to come from a human angle too – and I find climate REALLY affects how people live their lives and thus their culture.

  4. Never been to Greece, but if I do go there, I’ll go for its natural beauty and architecture/ history. Have enough of sunshine where I live 🙂

    –Damyanti, Co-host A to Z Challenge April 2012

    Twitter: @AprilA2Z

  5. Greece looks amazing! I studied so much Greek mythology in college I used to dream in “Homer”. LOL I hope to visit someday. I can see the appeal of living there! Your pictures are fabulous – I felt like I could walk right into the farmer’s market pics and steal a piece of fruit! Looking forward to watching you wind your way through the rest of the ABCs!

  6. I’m glad you can appreciate all things Greek, Jess. There’s been so much negative press about this country – and a lot of it unfounded, that it makes me really angry. And actually yes, it’s up to us to find beauty whereever we can: Farmer’s Markets, the idiosyncracies of the Greek people, etc.
    Glad you appreciate the pics too.



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