Another Ninelives rescue


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It was Thursday morning when my mobile rang at 10:30am.
“Oh good!  You’re awake!” trills Cordelia, founder of Nine Lives (see previous posts).
I sigh good naturedly inwardly as I was expecting her at 11am with 2 new rescuee’s for me, but as I am on a 14 day solid work marathon, I did kinda want to relish any 15 mins extra shut I I could get.
Never mind – I was also looking forward to getting the new arrivals.
“I’ll be with you about 10:45” she tells me.
And so, at 10:45 on the dot, I am helping Cordelia into the lift of my building with:
1) a big cage with an older cat – Rosie
2) a tiny carry case (like a puffy handbag!) with a tiny kitten in
3) food
4) litter

I can’t upload a photo of Rosie, the older cat yet.  I haven’t had the chance to take any pictures.  She shot straight under the settee and hasn’t moved since.  I know she’s eaten when I’m out as her food has depleted, but apart from that, she just insists on hiding.

Now, Cobweb is a different matter.  He is like a bundle of energy!  See some of the photos – they describe better what words cannot.  In brief:  he was rescued from a car engine after he’d gone there to curl up and sleep.

And with lots of negative press currently about Greece, notwithstanding the way it is renowned for the treatment of its animals, once again I feel privileged to be able to help out this excellent case and the tireless work that Cordelia and the other feeders/fosterers and the numerous other volunteers of Nine Lives.

I’m proud to be a part of your community.


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