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I had a very odd conversation with my dad yesterday on the phone.

Me: “Hi dad”
Dad: “Hi love – I’ll call you back.” (Bless!  Even at my age, he still likes to save me money)
Me: “Hi again.  Have you heard what’s happened in the Maldives?” Click here to see the story
Dad: “Yes – are you worried?”

(For those of you who might be wondering why I might be worried, see my past post about my planned trip next year).

Me: “Yes! But when I went across the Atlantic by container, we were in danger in Colombia too.”
Dad: “Yes, but that was from drug lords – this is pirates.
Me: “My agent’s told me the ships they take passengers on go at twice the speed of the taken ship, have armed escorts and are high sided.”
Dad: “Yes, he’s trying to tell you those ships aren’t as easy to board.  Listen, there’s an element of risk either way – you just have to decide if you want to do it.”

THAT’S when I had my thunderbolt moment: I’m a woman in her late 30’s, not married, no kids  planning a trip to Oz by container ship from Greece through some bl**dy dangerous waters. WHAT a bizarre conversation to be having.  How many other people would be having this sort of conversation with their dads? 

Do I have a death wish?  I know I have a slightly unhealthy desire to ‘be different’ and non-conventional, but am I pushing boundaries?
Clearly not too unusual as my agent’s told me the trips get booked up with passengers up to a year in advance (let me make myself clear, this is NOT a cruise ship, it’s a container ship passage).
Obviously, then, there are people out there like me who also take these trips.

The thing that makes me chuckle is the very laconic style of our conversation (my dad and I).
We finish off with:

Dad: “The problem comes is with the guns.  Clearly you don’t want to get shot.”
Me: “Hmmmm, clearly not, no. 
Dad: “If it comes to it, the crew will tell you to stay inside, and you must do so, understand?”
Me: “Sure – my agent had also said the problem is with the stupid passengers who want too much adventure and go out on deck.”
Dad: “Good, so if you follow your instructions of the Captain, you shouldn’t get shot at” (said in a very conversational tone I might add).
Me: “Yes, this might be the one time in my life I actually do as I’m told!”

I will have a serious think about this trip, stay in touch with my agent and keep myself well informed.


  1. Hi Becks, as the agent you mention I guess I should tell you that the statistics of passengers travelling the Suez Canal and adjacent waters to the south are even safer than cruising. According to GP Wild International, in the last ten years, there have been 28 deaths on cruise ships out of 223,000,000 passengers and crew who sailed in the past decade. That has risen very slightly as the statistic was formulated after the loss of Costa Concordia accident but before all the bodies had been found. The number of losses in cargo ships carrying passengers through the Suez Canal over the same period has been nil. Ergo, travelling by cargo ship is very likely safer than cruising. And cruising is twice as safe as flying.

    • Thanks for that Kevin. Yes, I am very lucky that I am in the hands of http://www.cruisepeople.co.uk and Kevin Griffin. He looked after all the handling of my trip across the Atlantic (yes, I will write about that in due course).

      So thanks, Kevin, for these facts – always good to not blindly follow the media and to get facts understood.

  2. I was once planning to travel by riverboat into a dicey area and thought I ought check first at the Consulate. “They probably won’t be shooting at you,” he said, “but one stray bullet can ruin your whole day.” Which is probably not that different than what your father was telling you.

    Go do it and enjoy the frisson of real adventure. You don’t want to grow old and die choking on a Brussel Sprout, do you?

    By the way, I noticed your remark about being on the wrong side of 35. The wrong side of 35 starts down from 34. Thirty-six and up is the right side and is pure pleasure. Sweet young things worry about pirates. You should consider it an opportunity to twist them around your finger.

    Part of my advice is undoubtedly bad, though I am never sure which part that is.

    Have adventures. Romance in this world is a wasting asset, which we must gather while me can.

    • Thanks – first of all for confirming from the age of 34 onwards, life continues to get better! It’s said with a trace of irony that I’m the ‘wrong side of 35.’
      And yes, I am looking forward to taking this trip – albeit also a little nervous!
      For the record – I’ve always hated Brussel Sprouts :0)

    • Yes – totally agree. I could get killed, or worse (there are worse things that can happen to a woman).
      Still! Let’s not get all miserable – I will follow my dear dad’s and agent’s advice.

  3. This Ozark Farm Chick just popped in from Teresa’s place and Wow!!! This is the stuff adventure movies are made of!

    Girl, you take care on this journey and do everything your told to, to stay outta harms way now…ya hear??

    Ya do like to live life on the edge don’t ya??? Heeehehehe!!!

    We crossed the border into Mexico last fall when all warnins told us not to and lived to tell ’bout it. ‘Just sayin’…….

    Have a blessed and beautiful day from the majestic hills and hollers of the Missouri Ponderosa!!! :o)

  4. Hi Nezzy,

    Glad you liked my post – yes, it is something I am THINKING about at this stage, don’t know for sure if I will do it – but thanks for the kind words.
    And also glad to see you lived to tell your tale too.


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