A free concert in Athens


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I never knew there were so many free things to do in Athens – shame on me!

Last Wednesday (1st Feb), my dear Athenian friend calls me and tells me (not asks, tells) to meet her at the German Institute at about 8pm.  I don’t know where the German Institute is, but I have a rough idea and as this is Athens, have no problem asking someone and don’t fear I’ll get beaten up.

Not knowing what she’s got planned for me, I excitedly make my way there and find it, with the helpful directions of a kiosk owner. 

“Where are you?” I ask into my mobile phone, upon entering the Institute.
“Here – waving at you” she replies and I spy her in the cafeteria, indeed waving at me and attracting a bit of attention.

I make my way over – intrigued.  “Here’s your ticket” she proffers it to my outstretched hand.
I go to give her some money, she snorts good naturedly and tells me it’s free and not to be so stupid.

In we go at about half 8.  There’s a grand piano on the stage – and a Germanic looking man comes out to a round of applause and proceeds to delight us for the next hour and a half with a medley of classical tunes, morphing into rhythm and blues.  He was Joja Wendt, a famous classic pianist from Germany.
I’m sorry I hadn’t heard of him before – but I sure have now!  And I had a FANTASTIC evening.
Not only was he an expert pianist (a genius actually, you should have seen his fingers fly over the keys!) but also a comedian, between medleys joking with the audience and laughing at his own expense (a German with a sense of humour!  Sorry, that one just slipped out).

In short, I really enjoyed myself and to top it off, have also found a fantastic location in Athens to go and occasionally have lunch, at great prices whilst looking at the various exhibits.

For more information of Joja Wendt, visit http://jojawendt.de/en/index.html
For the German institute, Athens, visit: http://www.goethe.de/ins/gr/ath/deindex.htm?wt_sc=athen (but it’s only in German and Greek).

And for an idea at how this brilliant man performs, check out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LZPeGCrM9xs

Thanks to my Athenian friend for dragging me out on that cold, cold Wednesday night.


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