A dental experience in Athens


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I had to go to the dentist today.  First time in a long time.

I’d been putting it off not just because going to a dentist is tantamount to seeing a gynecologist, but also because I live in Greece and have a language barrier issue.  Ha!  I should have realized that with these instruments in the mouth, talking’s the last thing you’re going to be doing.

After a lot of gesticulating, I managed to show the lovely lady that the problem was my back tooth.

Turned out I needed a filling.

She placed one hand on my shoulder (to keep me in the dental chair?) and said

It’s OK darling, we will fill this naughty tooth.  You trust me, yes?

Hmm, lying there I didn’t really have much choice did I?  For some reason, “Sweeney Todd” kept playing in my mind but I have to say, I didn’t feel a THING, even the little injection she gave me didn’t hurt.
It probably helped that she was humming happily away to herself and occasionally interspersed this with:

So you like Greece?
Why you leave so long to come dentist?

All of which I couldn’t reply, merely mumble “Ahhhhhaaaa.”

At the end of it all, she gave me a glass of orange juice, a small hug (OK, this is Greece and people are very lovely here) and told me to go home.

Be gentle with yourself.  Your mouth has ordeal today, you must be nice to it this evening.

I have to say that the ‘bedside manner’ of this dentist has certainly surpassed any I’ve had in the UK and I will certainly be going back there.

You want dental treatment?  It’s almost worth paying the airfare to fly over here to Athens and come and visit my dentist…she’s a doll, with a lovely personality too.

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  1. I know! Didn’t make much difference in this case as my Greek is very limited.
    You know what? I think it’s a psychology thing: trying to put you at ease/relax you: general chit chat and humming innocently. Made me feel re-assured. At least she didn’t gasp and swear in Greek!

  2. I agree, Bex, I think Greek dentists are fantastic. They really know their stuff and are quite a bit cheaper than their UK counterparts.

  3. I visited Greece (and Turkey) for the first time this summer. Loved both countries.

    Glad you found such a great dentist. Although that humming would remind me of a sometimes annoying family trait. 🙂

  4. Hi Shirley,

    I have to say, the humming made me feel very re-assured. At least she didn’t look in my mouth and gasp!
    Greece is a beautiful country – keep looking at my blog for other posts about islands I’ve been to, people I’ve experienced, etc.
    Thanks for following!

  5. My Athens dentist is a sweetie. He’s also vastly cheaper than dentists in other countries. Have always found Greek dentists to be very good.


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